Whats your favorite way to land ultra?

mine is off the bnb ending with headbutt. then im get tem wit tthe ultra! (lulz)

headbutt?? well mines off the TU fadc F+ HK

a always seem to land FA, Ultra more than anything else. I seem to like that the best.

Off of ex tu uses only one bar, problem doesnt work against everyone.

I’m pretty sure it works against everyone, the timing on it is just super strict. You have to pull it off just before your opponent falls in front of your face.

Yeah you basically have to hit them before they get below you, hard to pull off…

Trade with TU -> F-HK -> Ultra here. Sometimes, especially when I have the health to do it, I fish for the trade, as opposed to trying to FADC. I take some damage yes, but they take shitloads more. :lovin:

EX TU > Ultra is character specific for sure.

I like making them feel like crap, so I unload the ultra when they are jumping in on me lol.

I have yet to see a character ex TU to ultra doesn’t land on. My favorite is h.TU trade f.HK ultra. It just seems so unfair lol, and coming from someone that used to play Vega it just feels that much better.

Tu > Fadc> F-HK Ultra pretty simple but oh so devastating

F.hk F.hk ultra… its psychic setup!

I can’t seem to get it on Dhalsim, Honda, or Viper. But other characters I can without too much of a problem. Can someone else try against these characters?

just tried it on those 3 and it doesn’t work.

I had turbo on KKK and just mashed D+F and it hasn’t landed in 20 tries

Can’t get it on Guile, Abel, or Claw either…

Ironically can’t connect it against Gief, too!

You can use the ex TU if they are just a little off of the ground from a jump and it will connect.

works on claw :’(, Gief seems confirmed he is to fat to land it on.

yeah i tend to hold out for that too often these days and bone it. lately it’s just one f.hk and ultra - unless of course it’s a jumping fool.

Being able to land it on it’s own is the best.

Unscaled damage + more meter for another combo to unleash. XD

ex TU, ultra.

also, when you guys do the hp TU, fadc, f+HK, ultra, when fadc’ing, do you guys dash forward or back? reason is sometimes you go under then with a misstimes f+HK. so wouldnt it be easier to dash back then do f+HK into ultra?