What's your feeling on soft bans?


You know, like the old “O. Sagat not welcome here” stuff.

Needed to protect diversity or just a hassle?


99% of the time, unnecessary. In the end, people should play the one they want to play.


Yeah osagat sucks but he wasn’t unbeatable. Soft bans seem pointless. Even still, back in the day there were good players playing other characters besides top tier. So a soft ban wasn’t necessary anyways.

However, something like hilde scIV, probably does deserve a ban or ST akuma.

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O Sagat was banned after years of playing.
Nowadays we get new versions and patches before we even finish to say the word “ban”.

He WAS unbeatable by about half of the cast. So when you remove him from the game you get half the cast “back” for tournament play. And there’s always N.Sagat which is basically a fair version of him so it’s not like they really removed a “whole character” from play.


evidence of this?

i mean, a soft ban isn’t even an explicit thing but more a description of a consensus attitude, so i’m not sure how you would even delineate when it came into existence, but let’s say you can.




If the game has been around for a couple of years, and the players agree a certain character is truly broken, then I think a soft ban would be necessary to keep that scene going. The problem nowadays is that ‘unbalanced’ and ‘broken’ mean the same thing to some people, and it seems in recent times players cry out for bans or nerfs within weeks of a games release. Players gravitating toward the cheapest characters, and spamming those characters cheapest moves to win games, has been going on forever, and isn’t something that can just be regulated out. Soft bans should be applied to characters like the ones above who, for different reasons, could play the game in ways other characters could never deal with. Soft bans should not be used because a character is very strong or unbalanced, and players who whine for bans and nerfs to solve their own match-up problems and/or laziness are doing much more to hurt the scene than someone winning a tournament with Yun.


if anyone is like ST akuma…or ivan ooze…they need to be ban.


why would you ever advocate for a soft ban over just outright saying “this isn’t allowed”? the only reason for soft bans to exist is you can’t really control people’s behaviour in the arcade. that isn’t a factor for most people now, so what purpose does a soft ban serve?


That’s a TRUE ban. That’s putting your foot down and saying “Using this character is strictly forbidden.”

A soft ban is saying “Use that character and we’re going to punch you in the arm.” No one’s necessarily stopping you, but you won’t be making any friends.


Seems like there’s confusion on the difference between a hard ban and soft ban.

Hard Ban = Not allowed to use period ex. ST Akuma, CvS1 Nakoruru

I thought Petshop was also hard banned as well.

Soft Ban = Discouraged from using but you can still use ex. ST O. Sagat, TvC Giants(?), KoFXIII characters that could cause game breaking glitches


Some places do allow the use of Petshop / ST Akuma.

Also, in the case of KOFXIII, it isn’t so much the char that’s banned as it is the bugs that can be triggered. You can use w/e as long as you don’t purposefully glitch the game. In BBCT, there was a similar case involving Rachel’s air throw.


A good metric is if the character is virtually unbeatable, that’s grounds for a hard ban. If the character is going to be played by everyone and they get sick of it, that’s grounds for a soft ban.

I’m surprised T4 Jin was never softbanned.


a soft ban isn’t something you do, it’s something that just happens. how would that even work? when you hard ban something you’re saying “we all agree not to play this character.” how would you actively decide to soft ban something? “we all agree to frown upon using this character”? stupid. it’s a term that describes a widespread attitude, not a formal rule.

and those attitudes that make it happen are straight up scrubby, honestly. if something impacts the game that badly then ban it for real, otherwise deal with it, don’t hold it against people that they use powerful options if you’re unwilling to ban them outright. isn’t that what you’re supposed to do if you’re trying to win?


A soft ban is some pussy-ass shit. If a community thinks that a character overwhelmingly dominates the environment, then make a motion to hard ban that ass.


Because soft bans fall between the cracks. Said character isn’t super-powerful that a good player would still lose even to someone of lower relative skill, but is good enough where everyone would use them and you’d get tournament top 8s full of that character.

A good example of a character who would be a good contender for a soft ban (though, he never was) would be Yun in SF3. Not God tier or anything, but could become very annoying to see time and again in every major tournament.


A2 Chun, top 8? Entire tournament.




What the fuck is this scrubbery

I bet you want Viper and Akuma soft banned too


Woah woah, when did this turn against me?