What's your fondest memory of playing SF?

Mine was back in '99 when A3 came out on PS1. The last day of my sophomore year, my friends and I went to the AV room at my high school and we played A3 on a big screen TV just kickin each other’s butts! Wow A3 in a high school - the last day too??? Imagine what could’ve happened if we wouldn’t thought about doing that at the beginning of that year…

Those were the days… :lovin:

I remember when I was roughly 7 and I played SF II for my very first time. I think I was using Ryu and somehow I accidentally did an hadouken. I was like :wow::wow: WTF was that!?!? I always liked SF, but I didn’t pick it up seriously until like a year and a half ago though.

This Thread.

In all seriousnous, probably the first time i played 3s after playing second impact on DC for ages.

playing SF CE on the arcade and perfecting six people with bison…even though I spammed the crusher…oh well…(hey I was a kid sue me)

First time I did a SPD… that may sound stupid but back then the game had just been released in France and I was a kid with absolutely no idea of how to play Gief (or to some extent play at all besides moving and normals). There were no hints in the arcade or whatever and people were like me discovering the game and saying : he’s slow, he’s got no fireball, he sucks and then BAM I managed somehow a SPD and everyone went crazy saying things like “WTF, how did you do that? I thought it was AI-only!”

…I never stopped playing grapplers since.

that even works at high level play lol

When I took a trip to a nickel arcade back when I was like 6 or 7. I can’t remember which alpha I was playing, but I managed to get al the way to akuma with ken, but I never could beat him. I think I tried like 20 times before we finally had to leave.

Now that I think about it, the alpha series was pretty fun back then, but now it’s just crap.

And my boy Ken always helping me outta dire situations

  • 15 when everyone was taking XvsSF seriously. I laughed my ass off when my friend did SGS to me. “You can’t do that, Bear? are you serious?”

  • Choosing Rival Schools[Sakura’s in it] over my first ex when it came to doing something after school.

  • 17 when my friend beat out this Ken user with Urien in 2nd Impact through two Aegis Reflectors and a Chariot. The guy was middle age. My friend did one in the back and one in the front and the guy jumped, which was probably his best option at the time. My friend does EX Chariot and beats him out on the jump. I was so inspired.

  • 22 when I was playing in a casual basement tourney. Lost in both matches, but it was fun to watch.

…that went well.

'91 - Grabbing Bison with the SPD as soon as the round started in WW for the first time.

The night I played A3 & 3S for the first time with the Gainesville clique.

J Pac says to me afterwards, “Dude, you’re the best white player I’ve ever seen.”

Oh how we laughed and laughed!

Alpha 3 in my cousins room(Which was in the attic) in the summer . . .I miss those days. Back when 2-D fighters were good.

B5 tourney

When I started getting good at MvC1 back in 1998. I was the best player in my local arcades in the Bronx. Even had the scrubs bitching about it all the time. Strider/CapCom was my main team and it all went uphill from there. I wish I could have gone to tournies and shit back then, but having no money didn’t help my cause at all.

Oh, and getting my first 5 wins in World Warrior when I was 7 against some good players. Chun-Li was too good. Spinning bird kick was a pretty good anti-air, now that I sit back and dwell on it. Her normals will always be some of the best in any SF game.

94’ - Doing a shoryuken.

01’ - Comboing into Deadly Rave and finishing it into Finest KO.

Disneyland, Christmas Eve '93. Where you there or not? Answer me, dammit!!!

Oh shit! Transcending history, and the world. A tale of souls and swords, eternally retold!

You guys need a rematch!

And because I’m going off topic: I was playing third strike with a friend and it was one of my first times=getting my ass owned so hord! But he started a debate with me which he should’ve have and got me fucking pissed off. I was screaming at him while playing not fully paying attention to him. After a while of yelling at him he looks at me with a satisfied smile and points at the screen. I had just beaten him 5 times in a row.

listening to ryu scream “shoryuken” on the old school sf2 versions.

won 48 in a row once with s\cammy\d @ a local arcade. Then the next time I was up their, there were several people who picked my team. Biters.

wow, so many to name…
me and my brother used to be at blockbuster on fridays at 9:30 waiting for it to open at 10:00 (am) so that we could rent a super nes and sf2t…I remember there was a 250 dollar deposit…but man…we would rent that out and play the hell out of SF for the whole weekend…we did that a few times b4 buying a snes.

another quick one, is of me and about 6 friends which i have lost contact with, but we used to sit around Saturdays and try to beat SF(snes) on the hardest level…to this day i still dont know how we ever got past sagat, etc.

Pulling off Akuma’s VC at an arcade, and people were like “Wow”

I remember back in '91 or 92 going to Wal-Mart and seeing a SF2 machine in their gaming area… The first person I picked was Ryu. The next day I remember going to school and telling everyone to go play this game called “Hadouken” back at the store.