Whats your game plan?

Given different match ups,approach might be different but all in all whats your rose tactics,whats the plan you have in mind to win this match ? Lets she how poisonous or how sweet this gets.:slight_smile:

I am a major turtler for the most part. I am not very offensive most of the time, but I can if need be. I am more of a “react to mistakes” kind of player, but that’s very hard to do against a good player. Turtling is usually my main game plan going into most matches, unless I am fighting another zoning based character such as Sim or Sagat. Alot of my friends hate my playstyle lol! I am just a very careful player. On the other hand, I do become very offensive against characters with crappy wakeups such as cody, makoto, and other Rose players.

Being defensive is actually somewhat of my downfall too. I didn’t start playing Street Fighter until Super. In super I mained a Mashing SPD T. Hawk, because I had no clue how to play the game, but I actually sat down and played with each character and I was really drawn to rose. I love her! I just need t learn how to apply safe offensive pressure, and I think that would make me a better player.

I’m the total opposite ,i’m i tend to rush down opponents like i’m seth lol smh. That’s my major fault,i need to learn the turtling aspect of her game. Given the fact its very annoying its funny and breaks opponents down. I remember once i played a rose online omg i was so freaking frustrated. I’ll have to go through everything about her again to adopt that style. I really think it will improve my game.

Come rose players come share your style.

I play turtle by default, if they’re rushing down too quickly and I can’t get the zoning started, I go on the offense

I tend to hang back until I get a read on my opponent’s habits, then I adjust accordingly. If they pull back I go on the offensive and if they want to get in, I’ll put up a defensive wall. Generally I do like to play more aggressively, especially if the opponent doesn’t know how to punish Spiral blockstrings and mashes crouch tech too much or not enough.

My play style has changed a lot recently. I used to think it was super cool to try and do a rushdown style Rose because I wanted to be different. Now after watching so many videos and practicing so much I’m much more calm and reserved. My mental process is more like a flow chart now, who are they playing, what can they do, what can I do, is there anything for me to look out for etc. I’ll hang back in the first maybe 5-10 seconds of a round to see what they’re up to and then adjust my play accordingly. Usually I look for punishes the most, it’s different for every character but it’s always calm.

Rose is my third character.

Thought it is said that she is a zoning character, her fireball game is much lesser than others projectile throwers. And thought it is said she has a good pressure game, up-close is not a place where she is best compared to others.

In fact, to me she’s best used doing both : I start zoning, then getting in/pressuring opponent at the first occasion, to finally pull back if opponent gets too wise to zone him again. That’s a very fun way to use her, 'cause even if she’s not the best in every aspect, opponent tend to underestimate how versatile she can be. There is nothing as winning on a cHP anti-air after pulling a good rush. =D

That’s what I like with Rose : her ability to surprise the opponent. And U2 is among the best ultras to achieve this ^^

Rush down. I can’t do defense or zoning. Although my rush down is more subdued against certain characters like Ryu, the pressure kinda teeter-totters against a good Ryu player.

Surprisingly, it works.

Keep them out with my ainti-air, fireballs and pokes.

Punish bad mistakes and then pressure them if I score a knockdown. If it’s neutral again I try to maintain a distance once more and start again.
Against some characters I slowly work my way in with focus attacks and dashes and then try to catch them with a few well timed pokes or get them to jump in on me.

If I’m playing someone like Ryu I let them come to me. His fireball is no threat at all and unless they’re really good it’s tough for him to get in.
Against someone like Dhalsim I try to get in as quickly as possible to score some damage, then when it’s neutral back off and let them come to me.

So mostly it’s zoning, but I can catch my opponent off guard when I suddenly rush them down.

Turtle couple pokes and pray for timeout

jab jab xxx sprial jab jab xxx spiral :smiley: I also love to cross em up and also take advantages of knockdowns which is my favorite part :smiley: also U2 ftw!