What's your hardest match-up in SSFIV?


What character you have to work the hardest to win against?
Mine is E.Honda, Headbutt shenanigans get to me.


Ibuki and Cody.



Hmmm, depends on my character.

Hate blankas, period, doesn’t matter what character I’m playing.

Juri & Ryu give my Dan the most trouble.

Fei Long gives my Chun trouble.

Dee Jay? Been a while since I’ve played him, but Ryu & Sagat are high on the list.


lol i main T. hawk how do you think i feel about blankas? lol


Who do you play? and what gives you trouble? I could probably tell you how to beat it. Most of Cody’s matchups are 4-6 with cody at a disadvantage.


My hardest match-up would be that car you have to beat up. I play Akuma and it just won’t fall for my vortex setups.


I think Honda, Blanka, and Guile are all pretty closely tied. Honda’s probably the worst, I just haven’t faced many who really knew what they were doing.


Honda and Balrog. My first SSFIV match was against a 9k BP Honda. Hondas damage reminds me of vanilla Sagat, he hits you a few times and your down. At least he cant do it at full screen though. Balrog is just a really solid character with no huge weaknesses to focus in on.


Rog, Viper and Rufus.

Rog because hes just so mash friendly and its hard to get shit going

v&r because i play chun and those are her worst matchups


All the bottom mid-low/bottom tier characters.

Because I only see them like once a week and get totally dumbfounded MU experience wise.


My hardest match up would have to be trying to log into PSN for more then 12 minutes before getting disconnected.


Most annoying: Ibuki - Kunai vortex is super annoying and for some reason I find it difficult to time a charge reversal or teleport against it.
Most difficult: Honda - jab xx hands and ex headbutt are the bain of my existence. Factor in good jump ins, big damage, and neutral jump fierce, and Honda is one tough cookie.
Most frustrating: Balrog - Getting a life lead is fun until you eat one jab and then get combo’d into Ultra. Or get scared of punishing TAP since you don’t know if an ex-headbutt is hiding behind the blocked turn punch.
Most game-changing: Guile - This matchup turns into me trying to get close enough to outfootsie him while avoiding sonic booms, backfist, stand fierce, and forward roundhouse.


As a Ken player, I’d have to say Dhalsim just drives me nuts.

I also dislike fighting Blanka, E. Honda, and M. Bison. I feel like all of Ken’s mix-ups against them are in their favor instead of mines.


I suppose Blanka, as I main T.Hawk, his rolls are my nightmare! Also I have a personal hard match-up with akuma, don’t know the reason, but is difficult for me to get wins against him.


As a Rose player, I would have to say Blanka. His hops are a nightmare to deal with, and Rose can’t really punish Blanka balls outside U1. Besides Blanka, the other characters that I have trouble dealing with but not as much, are Balrog and Dhalsim.


Ryu, Sakura or Dudley. I just cant stand Cody’s voice. When he goes “HAHEE” or whatever he says, it annoys me so much.


dude, i’m totally sympathetic to all those matchups. After playing fubar a gazillion times, I’ve gotten pretty good at blocking his Ibuki kunai’s, but i’m totally f’d against guile, or honda, or balrog, or charge characters in general :confused:


Blanka. If I’m playing anyone. Especially my mains (Zangief and Dee Jay)
T. Hawk. They’re free, but 360/720 mashing fucking annoys me to no end
Ibuki because all I can do against her is block.
Abel. Not really but he’s terrifying once he gets in.
Dhalsim because my mains have terrible times against him.
Guile because downback fighter 4
Balrog because he’s an EZ Mode turtle


You could switch up to Xbox Live and stay connected for some lagged-out battles… one of my toughest match-ups. Damn, almost everyone is an HBP on that scene.

IRL def depends on who I’m using. I’ve been mainin’ Adon lately, and my most difficult match-ups are Chunners and Gief. With Chunners, you have to watch for her air splits which can be very tricky for Adon when Chun is directly overhead. With Gief, Adon has to be extremely cautious since most of everything will get punished by slams or lariats if you don’t have your timing crisp (though this is true for just about everyone).


With Rose:
Honda because of the ridiculous damage. I can zone him but once he gets in or I’m cornered its ggs.
Balrog: soo frustrating. TAP is really annoying to deal with and it easily goes through fireballs. If he lands just one jab it turns into an ultra and then the inevitable corner hell.
Blanka: a real test of patience.

With Cammy, pretty much the same as Rose but with opposite playstyles.
Turtle Honda.
Turtle Balrog: Really nothing you can do. Jab beats out dive kicks.
Turtle Blanka
And Guile: Just ugh.

I seem to have trouble with Gens tho. Whenever I see my opponent pick Gen I cringe a little inside, I have no idea wtf to do against the guy lol.