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Almost all of them I only sent one message too and got bombed with texts mostly just, umadbro?



I got mostly hate mail too. Basically calling me a ****** and a *** and a spammy whore, etc, etc, etc, etc.


lol. ur sak is deadly to them.


Hey, I remember you. You’re the guy who teabagged after one single victory against my low tier Shuma team and then ran away right afterwards.

For that, I can’t say that you don’t deserve all the trash talk you get. =P


Few things.

First are you a furry?

I left because I went the store, I didn’t, “run” away from a person I beat.


I’ll play you again whenever you want lols.


I beat you more times than I lost to you.

Even so, the only problem I have with you is that you’re an obnoxious tea bagger. If anybody needs proof that you’re a tea bagger, I’m sure it’s archived on wonderboy’s stream somewhere.

So yeah, it’s no surprise to me that you get no respect.


Didn’t you only win twice to my three? Of course it is, I teabag people to get them mad and make mistakes also because I don’t like them. Get on and play me if you think you’re better or something.


I beat you three (or four?) times to your two wins. On the last game, if I recall correctly, you rage quit when you saw me returning the favor by dropping Sentinel’s giant metallic balls into your mouth.


I don’t think you did. But if you did win with Sent against Jill/Sak/Tron good job?

Still waiting for you to come online and play though


I won with Sentinel against an obnoxious online teabagger.

Good job, indeed. =)


Dodgin’ vs Capdodge 2: New Age of Dodgers.



Awww, what’s that? You want to play with me? Why is that? Are you mad or something?


So creepy.


You don’t know the half of it. ;D

Anyway, if we do ever play again, I hope that GG’s are exchanged instead of teabags. It won’t be tonight though. I just got back from a 10-11 day extended vacation and will need some warming up time.


LMAO at giant metal sent balls trollings tough these days. Lets play sometime fuzzymoo, i think ive played you before but we only had like one game.


full of hilarity and insanity with a side dish of delusional psychopathic behavior


Fuck! Stop crying about tea-bagging.

The only thing worth this much bitching about in Marvel is getting stabbed.


t-bagging is the most fun thing to do on marvel, lol.


This thread just got so insane so quickly.


lol i liek this thred