What's your marvel rig?

I’m just curious what people are running as far as custom sticks so i can get to understanding the strengths/weaknesses of the various components specifically for marvel.

Right now I’ve got a Sanwa JLF, gateless with the Giant balltop and standard Sanwa Buttons stuck in an old Agetec. I got the idea to sans gate from Mixah i think over in the Tech arena, so big thanks-- its a killer marvel setup-- super smooth with tons of throw for american hands on a jap stick combined with the larger top for something to actually grab = :tup: .

As I said i’ve been paying attention to the nuances of my control rig as it evolves, and i’m starting to think that it pays off to build a stick specific to the particular characters that you play. For example, I bought the Giant top on a whim, but when i threw it on I was blown away by what it does to 360 motions. You can literally just fling the stick, even with a square gate and you will get standing pile drivers ALL DAY bc of the heavier weight. And with a gateless setup its more like just fling for a 720 (and i’m assuming sanwa’s circle or even octagonal gates will behave almost as well).

Another bit I picked up on the gateless JLF setup is that with the right spring tension (mine came stock but i understand sometimes its randomized ?) all it takes to sj is tap down and release. At first this threw me off bc i’d occasionally random sj out of certain setups bc of old habits, but with one particular character this trick is paramount. Doom gets to cause stun with jab/short then instant SJC his cr. HK FREE. I spent way to long tryin to learn this the old fashioned way, and this is no hassle.

Last gateless/heavy top joystick trick off the top of my head is the ability to get TK dp’s mad easy. Just fling the stick and hit the button. 99% it doesnt matter which way-- marvel will find the inputs it needs. Especially useful with Roll since its wayyyyy to easy to get to Fireball instead of flowers. Also nice with BBhood who gets to overhead/ghetto tri-jump Champaign and extending the jab height of DP’s with certain characters.

As far as Buttons, I like the hair-trigger sensitivity of sanwa buttons most of the time. I think my next move is to swap out my A1/A2 buttons to somethin that actually registers when pressed with feeling and not just accidentally brushed/breathed on midcombo.

Never played on a MAS so please comment if any of these nuances are standard on them, but iirc they’re generally stiffer?

Post up your rigs.

Interesting. I would try and contribute, but I currently play console on pad. I may have something to say once I get the necessary converters to make use of this stick that I have:


Scoops. lol

edit: As far as just flinging for 360s, the joystick on this Saturn Stick feels as if it has that capability. Also, the buttons are convex and are firm enough where they can not be brushed over (so not much with sliding method), but I could see how this would allow for fewer executional screw-ups. The only worry that I do have is that the stick may be too small for the sturdiness required in the heat of a match. Hopefully, once I get this situated as far as converters go, it’s not the case.

i think you’ll have to mount it to something. Honestly, that stick looks pretty shoddy. IMO you should shell out for an agetec bc its cheap and mod-ready if and when you get some extra cash. Also, no need for a converter at all. mashing on that looks like rape : /

all that bein said, more power to you-- use w/e you got and BEAST

Mas sticks for life.


Damn. So you don’t advise the Eclipse? lol Yea, I’m trying to convert to playing Marvel (and other games) on joystick more often, and I would like to get one now, but don’t want to spend over $50 for my 1st stick. Any ideas or recommendations?

I appreciate your honest opinion regarding that Eclipse btw. Believe it or not, some guys still play with and beast with their Saturn pads + converters :confused:

Saturn pads are BALM though lol. Best pads on earth. Just go to a gathering, and offer to buy anyones old green goblins-- you should be able to get an okay price. IMO thats the best investment bc its ready to play even competitively right out the box once you get some new springs in there if needed and down the road you can install some killer parts to suit your needs

Thanks. I’m familiar with the ‘Green Goblin.’ lol What if I wanted a new one? I’ll search engine this later, but if you know anything off-hand, feel free. Also, I’ll post a request or just add it to my sig.

^if you want new you might get lucky with an agetec. You could also look for an ASCII stick (http://www.goldenshop.com.hk/AI-trad/IMAGES/d_asciistick.jpg)-- also a good stick from what i’ve heard, iirc out the box its a tad better than the goblin.

i wouldn’t necessarily even buy new though-- you’re gonna want to swap out the parts easy anyway-- you just need the guts/case.

MAS stick

Somehow, your link got screwed up eczangief, so I took out the extra. Thanks again.

I’m wondering where I might able to get an agetec stick. Can’t find one anywhere.

ebay or get a Mas.

I still utilize my trusty, modified, SF anniversary stick. Only downside is it only works on PS2/XBox, and not Pc.

Specifically using a Happ competition stick, and 8-competition convex buttons.

I don’t recommend sanwa or hori for marvel. Happ all the way. :woot:

I use a MAS with a wonky stick and concave buttons that are too thick…bleh

I wish I could get a stick that had the exact same parts from the arcade where I learned to play…so my execution could be 99.9% like it used to be…I know it was a happ-like stick and thin concave buttons

next best thing would be controls like the current arcade I go to. tight 360’s and convex buttons. execution would range from 60%-80%

even besides actual controls, I need to figure out how to make it feel like arcade…i.e. the angle and thickness of the box

how probable/possible/practical are 360’s for joysticks? anyone have any experience? don’t you have to charge them or some shit?

colorful agetek & ppads

What are those PS2 controllers above with the little screens inside of them? Never seen those before.

those are gods own little fingers

Also known as, THE PPADS!!!