Whats your max of non-activity:

Ill try to write this with the best of my English:

The day before yesterday i won a match with 2-0, both rounds ended with a random ultra, after that the player complained that im a scrub, because i used random ultra’s. I answered his message by saying that he’s the scrub because he used his cr.roundhouse while i whas on the ground liying, and he did that in both rounds, so my random ultra connected both.

But the point is, that he’s right, i played like a real scrub by trowing out random ultra’s, something i never did in the earlier days (read: August), but mind you; it whas the first time playing Street Fighter 4 since mid-august. It seems that i loose much of my tactics and feel for the game when i dont play for such a long time.

It happened before in Juli, where i dint play the game for 3 days; i started to play scrubby again. This means that i really need to play this game at least 3 hours a day to keep the ‘condition’ in par with ohter players.

The longer i dont play, the longer i need to build my old self again. The strange thing is that this thoes not happen with games like Pro Evolution Soccer, Gran Turismo and Mario Bros.

Anyone feel with me in this? Is Street Fighter 4 a really dedication hungry game, will it ever end? Now i know what Daigo, J. Wong and (recently) T. Ohira where talking about.

don’t mind what people tell ya. Just play as you like. you don’t gotta be great to have people respecting you. If that’s what it takes, then they do not deserve the respect you have to give them. I got called “pathetic” cuz I lost to one guy badly. Why? I was trying a few things out and didn’t play my normal game. Did I care? no.

If you gotta be the best to gain respect??? Blah . . . those people are freggin bastards. You don’t need to be their friends nor any responses from them. I mean SFIV isn’t going to bring food on your table buddy. Remember that cuz it IS only a game. Some people can’t go out to have actual fun and chase girls around. THey just sit there and think they gotta get better at the game than everyone else. Mind Daigo, J. Wong, Iyo and all the great players. They just got the natural talent for these things. Its great to see them fight no doubt. They’ll eventually drop the controllers cuz they know that life’s more than SFIV.

So don’t feel scrubby. I’d say you’re not a scrub cuz you threw out an ultra and he ate it more than once and he knew you’d do it too. Don’t feel that way and just play the way you play. I mean you’ll get haters but who cares???

They didn’t respect your ultra.

They are scrub.

The funny thing is…the higher level you become the more you realize the “scrub tactics” are really parlor tricks you can use at high level play to bring out the unexpected. You can watch plenty of match vids of people just guessing Ultra because they feel the opponent is gonna press buttons. Japanese or American you can find it in both. LI Joe is notorious for “psychic Ultras” LOL. Considering it takes 6 frames or more for most ultras to hit any random Ultra that hits hits because it was supposed to. So don’t feel bad. If anything it was a perfectly timed Ultra. :lol:

The only way to beat scrubs is to out scrub them. They don’t respect intellect or thought in the match so you can’t use respect to beat their ignorance. The rules of high level SF don’t apply to them so in effect they are mostly immune to a lot of the things that would work against good players any ways. I actually am more scared to fight a scrub in this game than a good player. They think they are superman so you have to superman them back.

Daigo with Wake up shoryu. :rofl:

@All above

I appreciate all of your answers, beleve me i really do, but you lads dint quite understand what i tried to explain, maby its my English.

Daigo, Wong, Iyo and others got talent, but their not different than you and me. If you ask a pro gamer his secret, he or she will give you the same answer: play a lot! The randomnes of the ultra’s made me think about the time you shouldnt let pass, but play the game at least a couple of hours per day with a max of 2 different characters.

Something tells me that everyone only read the first couple of sentences and think that i compain about scrubbyness and hars opponents…

hmm it depends on each person I think, to me is the exact opposite if I play for so many days I start playing really really bad, I become predictable and I really don’t make an actual effort on the matches, when this happens I need to rest a few days and then I start kicking @$$ again hehe well that’s what happens to me :coffee:

Well you basically were for the first 2 sentences. :lol:

In any event um…yeah just keep playing. You don’t wanna play like your old self against scrubs any ways.

simple. you play to win, that is all. and its HIS fault for not respecting you for having your ultra, and he was doing a chk to bait something of you out. you won, he didnt, cuz he had poor baiting skills.

This is the time where i dint play for a long time, i think 3 days, and Random Ultra gave me the win. You guys might ask: why are you compaining if ultra gives you a win.

This is true, but these ultra’s i trow out is because they are: I-give-up-so-I-just-use-Ultra.


I’m taking a wild guess here but I’m thinking you’ve been playing football and racing games a lot longer than Street Fighter, and that might give you an advantage there even when you don’t play them constantly. Just like some people have been playing Street Fighter for years to get to the level they are now.

I used to play fighting games constantly but for the last decade (yes, decade), moved on to racing games mostly for no reason, which I now regret, 'cause today I find racing games extremely boring, but still, no matter what racing game I play, sim or arcade, I’m pretty good at it from the get go because I can understand it a lot better than most because I’ve been playing them for so long.

Anyway, to answer your question, I’ve gone for 2 weeks without touching SFIV and felt the same thing, if not better, when I got back to it. To be honest, if you feel it will take too much time and energy to be a better player, you might just wanna play it for fun instead of going for top level skills.

far as i can tell you read that he was gonna meaty sweep you on your wake-up… it’s his bad for being so predictable, or alternatively for reading you so horribly that he didn’t realize you would try the ultra no matter what (if you didn’t read him and just said FUCK IT!). the trick to being able to use meaty’s in sf4 is to read when your opponent will and wont try wake-up ultra or shoryu… or just hoping lag will cover for you and they wont mash for the move and instead actually try to gasp time their attack to catch your meaty.

I dint read him but said FUCK IT, that round house whas his way to finish his games. In both rounds i had a silver of life left, he had enoufgh life for my ultra’s to finish both rounds. And thats the problem, every time i dont play for a long time, something scrubby comes up. The other day it whas to much jumping, and another time its using unsafe special moves. After a couple of hours i am my self again wihtouth scrubbiness.

Nice try but not true, you coulnd know that ofcourse. Started with SF2WW, then SF2CE and finally SF2Turbo. After a long period started playing SFalpha3 in 2006, moved to Street Fighter III 3rd strike in 2007. I really beleve that 3rd strike gave me a real benefit over others that played their first Street Fighter with IV, because 3rd strike is much harder and technical.

I think i should give more details: It wasnt a round house, i remember that it was a dash move, probably a overhead, he was Boxer. I play Dictator. The whole match he dint do that, but only at the end of the rounds when i was on laying on the ground. See my youtube video, the end of the 2nd round (this is a different match, way before the boxer match but it gives you a idea what happened in the boxer match).

Its strange to play against smart, careful, calculating players and then go play against a mashing scrub whose idea of mindgames is alternating between wake up throw and wake up dp.

I have lost quite a few matches to “scrub” players because I was saying to myself “there is no way he is going to throw out ANOTHER unsafe dp after I just punshed the last one, so I should be able to use a meaty as he wakes up.”

[wake up ex dp happens]


haha couldnt of put it better myself!

^^^ This… :frowning:

But to be on topic, I don’t know what the longest is that I’ve gone without playing. Even if I don’t play online, I usually hit up training mode for 30 mins or so. However, I usually can’t play my best on my first match of the day. After sleep, I have to do warm up matches before I can get the real shit going.

I usually always use the same character, with the same outfit and taunt selected. If you guys ever play me, and it takes longer than 2 seconds for me to pick, that means you’re my first match and I’m selecting my stuff (Alt 9/ Taunt 7)… And bear with me for the first one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he’s more focusing on time needed to keep your skills up vs his scrubbiness. I think the scrub story was just the backdrop to his main point.

Yeah, I think it’s like exercising and physical training. If you have gone to the gym regularly for the last 10 years and are in great shape and athletically fit…you probably only need to do regular maintenance to keep it up…like 3 times a week with moderate exercise. Your body is going to hold up longer. But if you went to the gym for 1 year and pounded it out (same shape as in the 10 yrs guy)…if you slow down…you are probably going to atrophy really quickly.

So if you have played SF competitively for 8 years, your mind is going to hold that muscle memory and strategy for longer than if you have been grinding it out for 8 hours a day for the last 5 months.

I dont know what you mean by backdrop, but the scrubby part remembered me to play constantly because bad habids like random ultra’s may occour.

as far as mindgames go, if someone is doing the same stupid thing and getting punished for the first half of a match, you can usually expect it to continue at least sometimes in the second half… most people aren’t smart enough to change all their bad habits in the space of one match, unless they’re intentionally playing possum, which in itself is dangerous

as for the OP, yeah, I play like crap after taking a long break, but I’ve found that after a day or two of playing, I’m even better than I was when I quit… it’s as if the brain comes at the game with a fresh perspective, able to build on former strenghths and recognize new weaknesses

*The longest I’ve gone without touching SF4 was about 3 weeks and when I came back I had a lot of rust. I took a break just as I had made a breakthrough in my gameplay since I was struggling to keep up offensive pressure. But afterwards I took a break and when I started playing again I had reverted back to my old bad habits. It took me about 2 and half weeks to get back into decent conditioning. Then about a month ago I took about a 2 week break but while I stopped playing SF4 I went back to 3rd strike for a while. I went back to SF4 and now my hit confirming and links have gotten much better.

But yes if you’re like me and this is the first time you’re really trying to actively get better in SF instead of playing against your buddies/getting your ass kicked at the arcade on occasion you will be rusty if you don’t actively play. *