What's your modding background


So I’ve been modding since 1996 and I started out modding my dreamcast. I did a internal VGA mod and overclocked the system with a 40mhz crystal oscillator. That pretty much got me all started.

I continued to mod consoles like doing ram upgrades on the original xbox then I moved over to modding controllers. I got in contact with a person named sethmods and he let me use his software to program 12f683 microchips for xbox 360 mods.

I learned how to exploite game mechanics real well and made a lot of popular mods. I’ve worked with many different mod companies writing mods for them and even posted my own open source hex codes for people to flash their microchips. Some of my more popular work u will see in those strikepack controller mods and cronsmax gamepacks.

I later got into developing my personal pcbs for my projects. Every year acidmods would hold mod off competitions to see who could come up with the best stuff. I got second place one year for building a xbox one controller with a Nintendo 3ds slider for a directional pad, four button remap with custom tactical switches and and rapid fire chip that I programmed and installed. The 3ds was challenging but another modded RDC made me a digital to anologe converter that worked beautiful for the xbox 1 directional pad.

After controllers it was all about fightsticks!!! I was so sick of fps and making mods for people to exploit the game. I just found peace with playing fighting games and building my own fightstick. Electronics are expensive hobbies especially fightsticks but for me its relaxing and keeps my idol hands busy.

So sorry for the long background story but I’m curious to hear others work and achievements so feel free to share your nerd core!