What's your motivation?

What drives you in training mode? What picks you up after tough losses? What makes you practice that annoying yet good link in training mode 5 hours a day until you get it locked? And…go!

I have a weird attraction to El Fuerte, he’s like a drug to me. I gladly spend hours just messing around and discovering option selects. I can’t imagine anything I’d rather do in my free time than play El Fuerte.

I think I prefer to play alone in training mode rather than play against opponents, I have no explanation why. The amount of joy I experience every moment of controlling El Fuerte is unrivaled.

With the exception of cooking and preparing food, playing El Fuerte provides me with the biggest amount of joy in my life.

The feeling deep inside me that says I can do much better.

I have nothing better to do except play SSF4 all day.

To commit pwnage.

My mother. She has fallen deathly ill to a fatal disease that resides in Africa. She took a mission trip to spread the good word to the well known African area named Gauna (name derives from holy bat feces that are said to contain mystical powers of the shaman gods). Unfotunately, while intimately preaching the gospel to three young gaunian males she contracted this disease, this horrible rancid disease we Americans have named AIDs. While sexual contact is usually needed to receive this terrible sickness, my mother neglected it and said that it was a curse from God.

We continue to pray for her at my Christian church of good will and giving, whilst I play Street Fighter at local tournaments to raise money. Unfortunately, I am handicapped as having both my arms amputated as a young child as the result of an unfortunate incident with a lawn mower and loaded shotgun. However, this is only a minor setback as I have learned to play well with both of my ass cheeks.

I can’t settle on a main, so I keep playing until I can settle on a main and start playing for real.

Narrowed it down to about 15 characters now though.

That was a bit much bro. Seriously :rofl:

i play cuz i find it fun to test my mettle against other players and friends and find out what works where and what is a viable technique and all that jazz…

i also find the competitive nature of fighting games to captivate me infinitely… when i lose i strive to find out why and eliminate it form my list of weaknesses… when i win i loft in the fact and can’t wait to share my thoughts on the match or what could have took place…

it all brings me back to the old days when arcade hounds knew one another on a tight-knitt basis… times have changed so the way you experience that sensation has changed too… but like i’ve been told: times change, the weather changes, but people do not…

I’ve always wanted to be good at something.

Seriously, that’s it. I’ve always been pretty mediocre in everything I’ve ever tried.

That, and I love it when something stupid happens during a fight. One time about a year ago, I was fighting a good friend of mine. He was Rufus, I was Cammy. Neither of us had much life left, so he tried to chip me with his ultra. I immediately dialed up Gyro Drive, only for it to get eaten. I lost, but that exchange made me happy 'cause it was funny.

It was funny till the end. Then it kinda fell apart.

Pretty much nothing anymore since my offline scene is lame, and i get to play decent people on my friends list roughly once a week.

Every other time, it’s just endless online trash mashing out stupid shit with easymode chars under lag. And yay! In Super it’s gotten even worse with ****** easymode chars who have target combos! They’re like links, but they don’t require any fucking timing! And two of the chars based on them my char can do absolutely nothing about!

Yay! More trash online, please! And P.S. mods, keep allowing scrub trash to make posts in the newb forum! I know that the first thing i want to do after spending so much time trying to learn my char is to help people who clearly have no intention of learning theirs!


I got bored of playing CS competitively and no other FPS games interested me, so I figured I’d pick up a new genre to try and play competitively and fell in love with the genre.

Now the drive to become better and succeed keeps me going, although the practice isn’t really an issue for me (used to play CEVO-M CS so I’m used to the long hours of practice).

I was always pretty good at every genre of gaming, especially FPS games, but my weak point was always fighting games. I always wanted to play fighting games well, and SF4 came out and I picked it up. I’m French, that buff blue guy is French and then the tornado chucking begin.

I can not imagine playing super at least a few times a week for ranked or casuals now.

Great post! If I’m not going to be playing sf4 for the day, I at least put in training time for a good 30 mins. Freshness is really key on hitting tight situations repetitively in my opinion.

Combo training to start every time. I always keep it up to date making sure I can hit everything. I usually start off with very basic bnb combos to make sure I’m not sucking it up. Theoretically, I shouldn’t miss any of them, but everyone gets slow from time to time. Speed up!

I really think it’s important to not do things in pattern and to mix and match skill sets as often as possible because it’s a lot easier to get timing down if you do it over and over again.

It really comes down to links and hit confirms for me for warmup… Putting an opponent on random block is really good for hit confirming. For example, ex fireball fadc ultra (ryu) on random block is a good thing to have down. You can blow 3 meter in a pressure situation, but at least you’re not blowing the match if you whiff.

I also use training mode for matchup issues. The second I have a question in a match that I’m unsure of. I look up their frame data and test the spacing and timing of it as best as I can so there is no question at all in the next time I come to it. I never want to guess in a match whether something will work or not.

I just have this strange desire to get better and keep on beating people stronger and stronger than me. I went from the guy who never played SF to one of the best in my state in little over a year and I just want to keep shooting further. I’m getting old and I’ve always wanted to REALLY compete with the top US players so I guess now I’m just determined to stop treating games like just games and really, try to get better as a player, as a person, and hopefully… make a little cash in the process.

I really enjoy the feeling of outplaying someone else. It’s satisfying knowing your efforts have paid off and… I guess now, I used to think I couldn’t win and that Fei was trash, but now I’ve come from that and gotten pretty good… I know that whatever limits and plateaus I reach in the future are just things I have to beat and break past. To me it’s rewarding having everyone in my area bitch about Fei, when it used to be “that character is garbage why do you play him”. Just makes me smile every time I do hear something like “FUCK THAT CHARACTER”.



I’m sure you’ve seen this but it never gets old :frowning:


I just enjoy improving my skills and facing various people. I’ve learned so many cool tricks with Gen in training mode alone, and actually being able to apply them in an actual battle with success makes the feeling even more rewarding.

What picks me up from nasty losses is the idea of the next battle being much better for me. Losing a good amount will annoy me, but after a while, it just forces me to get better.

That’s how I feel sometimes. But I’m too young to play in any tourney’s and what not (I know most of you are 20+). So I can’t find a drive to sit in training mode 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. I wish I could get motivated, but I can’t. It’s fustrating.

I like watching high-level play for my character and just trying to imitate them in training mode (combo-wise). I play Cammy, so I [media=youtube]EQ_xJL-3mqk"[/media] If I find something I like, I try and add it to my game to see if it’ll work. And when I use it on someone and I hear them yell “Holy shit!” in their microphone, I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside, lol.

That helps me at least.