What's your opinion about MK on PC?


Spec-wise or ran into the issue of the game not running on laptops?


From what I can tell, the netcode is exactly the same as on consoles. Kind of a shame.

My computer isn’t great at running it, literally have to turn everything down/off and lower the resolution slightly to get a smooth 60fps. I’ve never really been an MK fan, but I’m all for supporting PC ports of fighting games. It’s hard being a small audience within a small (on the scheme of things) audience. I’m kind of worried about the lack of advertisement of the release and that there was no pre-order on Steam though (had to get mine through Green Man Gaming). I really hope they don’t blame the low sales on piracy/etc when it comes to reviewing the pros and cons of the platform.

Looking forward to having some fun in it, though. Won’t be playing it anywhere near as much as SF, but it’ll make for some good local multiplayer fun.


the notebook issue… but i’ve found a trick on the steam forums that made the game run, a little slowly, but runs


Reading over at TYM, the computer’s hardware factors greatly into the netcode. Dudes with shitty rigs will give you a terrible experience.


anyone know where I can find high quality rips of all the cutscenes? I like to see if I can replace these shitty bik-files.
I think I’ve seen a hq x264 encoded mk9-movie somewhere on the web in the past but now I can only find links on youtube and many of them have annoying logos or are low resolution.

  1. can’t play in a window is a major minus for me
  2. can’t change aspect ration (16:9 default)
  3. during character select there’s horrible lag while moving the cursor (wtf?). the 3D gameplay runs solid 60fps

game runs more fluid and without the blurred graphics consoles had… too bad about some missing video settings and that one bug.


too bad they implemented a “variable framerate” approach like the option in ssf4ae. as soon as your system can’t hit 60fps the game will slowdown appropriately instead of just skipping frames. so all the pc gamers with older systems who thought they could play the game without issues since ssf4ae worked fine… time to upgrade your pc. otherwise the slowdown will also influence your multiplayer matches and you’ll constantly play in matrix mode.


Just bought the game and played it online. Looks like another dead-on-arrival. Very disappointed, seeing how the port was pretty good.

Edit: changed my opinion. See below.


played a few games not unplayable like SFxT but good connections are extremely rare , offline is fine tho - bit disappointed - netcode performance will probably not be patched.


i wouldn’t hold my breath for it… see SFxT PC and the (zero) suppport it had


if i only had the option to disable the stage like in ssf4ae i would be so happy xD


Guys, I just set my computer to DMZ mode (all ports forwarded) on my router, and online suddenly became flawless. I played a couple people from the US, and it was pretty much AE-level of good. I played some guy from Latin America and experienced some chop but I suspected it was his PC not hitting 60FPS. Even though he was farther away, I still didn’t get the 1+ second of input delay I was getting before I turned on DMZ mode. If you are still having troubles with input delay, try DMZ mode.

BTW, I’ve been lurking the Steam forums for quite a while, and it seems as if a good number of people are finding more people with settings lowered. Specifically, changing resolution to 1280x720 and lowering both AA seems to make the rooms more populated. I’ll note that this trick did not help me (I have a brand new PC that I just built), but I suspect some people with lesser PCs/laptops might benefit from this trick. My hypothesis is that MK9 shows people who run the game at a similar level (i.e. if your game doesn’t get to 60FPS then it won’t show people who do). The main hypothesis is that MK9 shows people with similar computer settings. Yes this trick is absolutely absurd, but you don’t lose anything from trying it (I know I did).

Many people have reported slowdowns. It seems as if the slowdowns are all FPS related, so if you are getting slowdowns change your hardware, turn off vsync, turn off whatever hardware gimmicks you have that limits your FPS, etc. I’d say everyone agrees this game is more demanding than AE PC, so your computer/laptop might just not be up to the challenge. Also, there is a workaround to play with Intel HD Graphics. It involves a simple change in a text-file in your appdata folder. If you are trying to run this game on Intel HD Graphics, you might want to hit up the discussion page (hit the blue Community Hub page on Steam). That being said, if you are running this on Intel HD Graphics, your computer most likely isn’t up to the task unless you have a recent Intel processor. Don’t be afraid to try though (you don’t lose anything!).

Many people are reporting that diagonals are not working on their fightsticks. The solution for some seems to be changing between DP, LS, and RS mode. My MadCatz Brawlstick (the SE stick) works completely fine on DPad mode.

Also, the game is region-locked (!!!), and you can easily find 100-150+ people online if you change your Steam download region to Central Russia. I’ve heard some European countries like Germany also have a good amount of people playing. No, the different US regions are not considered different regions (I’ve tried) so don’t bother switching between those. I currently play on US.

I’ve done a complete 180 on this game. I’ve gone from completely regretting my purchase to completely happy with it. If you have problems, don’t give up. There might not be a patch in the pipeline for a couple months but the game is definitely playable, even online.


I’m looking forward to the retail version of this game. I hope this one will not be as laggy as SFxT and I’ll get more opponents.

The online ranking doesn’t use points, right? If it doesn’t, that will be a good thing.


Are there still the lag problems online pc? I am wondering IF or IF NOT buy this game…


Having some issues with my joystick (won’t read diagonal inputs.) Other than that, it seems pretty solid.


Still haven’t played a single match without at least some lag, either caused by connection or low fps. It really takes away from the gameplay value.
Also, it seems a lot of people are just idling in the lobby so takes it takes a long time to find a good match.

Edit: Still unplayable online… and dem russians using voice chat.


Online is really that bad. I managed to establish a connection to a Japanese player and the lag is so atrocious. I just keep on getting disconnected.


I should mention this is on sale atm at amazon for $13.50


it’s been a while since i’ve last played MK
i have to do the trick to get the game working every time i want to play, and I end up playing SF or skullgirls now
My new laptop arrives next week and i will start playing MK more seriously
about the online, i couldn’t finish any online matches so far, but it’s ok, my connection here sucks

BTW NoKushWave, now it’s about time to cry a little with all the sales that will come and think about how i purchased it on launch and wasn’t able to play properly hahahahahha


Wait, Japanese players play Mortal Kombat? Never seen a Japanese player MK in tournaments…