What's your opinion about MK on PC?


Having some issues with my joystick (won’t read diagonal inputs.) Other than that, it seems pretty solid.


Still haven’t played a single match without at least some lag, either caused by connection or low fps. It really takes away from the gameplay value.
Also, it seems a lot of people are just idling in the lobby so takes it takes a long time to find a good match.

Edit: Still unplayable online… and dem russians using voice chat.


Online is really that bad. I managed to establish a connection to a Japanese player and the lag is so atrocious. I just keep on getting disconnected.


I should mention this is on sale atm at amazon for $13.50


it’s been a while since i’ve last played MK
i have to do the trick to get the game working every time i want to play, and I end up playing SF or skullgirls now
My new laptop arrives next week and i will start playing MK more seriously
about the online, i couldn’t finish any online matches so far, but it’s ok, my connection here sucks

BTW NoKushWave, now it’s about time to cry a little with all the sales that will come and think about how i purchased it on launch and wasn’t able to play properly hahahahahha


Wait, Japanese players play Mortal Kombat? Never seen a Japanese player MK in tournaments…