What's your opinion on SoCal?


So, like…there’s this new discussion that’s all the rage. It’s called ‘What’s Your Opinion on SoCal?’ and I’m, like, wondering and shit…What’s Your Opinion on SoCal?

We’ve got, like, the coolest beaches, the hottest bitches, weather conditions and some thing called a propensity towards the newest and grooviest no matter how shitty it really is. And, like, this is supposed to mean something and shit. So I’m like wondering why I have so many more typos nowadays than I used to and what the fuck is propensity and what does it have to do with how I ride my bike?

Like, what the hell, does anyone want to make a matchmaking thread for OE or GGPO? I hate going on there and finding everybody just talking about lifting weights, welding, how to get job, how to do the job, and why Dander is the fucking best 3rd Strike player this side of the Mojave Desert.

I was also wondering when WTF AKUMA HAX was going to send me my noodles.

Alright you guys, I’ll talk to you later. I’m going to get some sleep.



Didn’t Schwarzenegger wreck your economy?


Is dander hella sick in real life?


huh? how? whatever he did it was pocket change compared to the real estate collapse


I want to visit there and learn 3s things and play against some of the best players in America (and lose a bunch and learn a lot hopefully)

but I would never want to live there because anything above 60F feels unpleasant to me

here is a question: if you are to believe conservative talk radio, California is due for an economic collapse presumably followed by a giant earthquake that separates it from the mainland. what is a good time to visit before this happens?


That was a good movie:




I love Escape from LA! such a sick movie.

tbh I don’t even think socal is that great of a place for 3s tourism anymore. The very last of the top dawgs don’t play anymore :frowning:


It also kinda’ predicted the George W. Bush presidency.


do Pyrolee, 5 star, and Amir still play? they all come to mind first of course when I think American Yun, Ken, and Chun.


After visiting New York for 3rd Strike I have to assume the scene is better in SoCal.


Pyrolee plays Magic the Gathering now, as does Victolee, 5 Star just parties in korea town, Amir hasn’t been active in 3s for several years



E! True Hollywood Stories: SoCal 3rd Strike Edition


ah that sounds pretty sucky! I guess kinda expected though at this point.

I’ve been hearing from my friends that play the more modern games, that everyone has kinda lost interest in SF4, no one is happy with the state of UMVC3, and SFxT if it isn’t dead already no one really wants to play it. so I wonder what will happen after that. the optimistic side of me says “they’ll just go back to playing games that are actually good” but probably not.


oh I’d so watch that, especially for all the SBO time drama!


Many of the good New York players don’t seem to come out to events or casual play anymore. At least you guys have a tournament now and again.


wouldnt say SF4 is particularly worse off than it has been for the last 2+ years(post-Super when arcades couldnt even get the updated version of teh game for a while). seems pretty consistent though i personally stopped playing pretty much. the “boom” created when SF4 came out has definitely fizzled out a bit though. Despite several big arcades closing its really just about going and showing up somewhere to play some games. Dont go for a while and you might find everyone else stopped as well!

on the brightside super arcade does a good job of creating a more social place to play i guess. its open really late, you have the ST players trying to come out to play regularly and organize events to get everyone thinking about the game a bit. even though i wouldnt call the 3s competition there good but I go play 1-2 times a week and its rare that theres a time that there isnt someone who is putting up quarters to play me


I don’t think it’s the arcades, it’s just the game lacked that replayability. Playing a game over and over and knowing you are going to be able to win, so long as you do it the same way you did last time you won, gets a little old after a while. I stopped playing Mario games because of that. Megaman games, too.

As for 3s, no one is playing because everyone thinks you can only get to pyro/yi/victoly level is by playing those particular players. Well…how did they get to that level? Did they play themselves in the future? Maybe they played for the love of the game and not the fame?

Also, everytime I go to super, I have at least 4 people playing with me and 2 new players trying out the game, every time. You would definitely have someone to play with if you made it down. Whether or not they’d make you feel all warm and fuzzy is questionable, though.

Yes, yes I am. Please don’t take that to mean I have “solid” set ups that always net me a win. No. Take this to mean you always see something new or something different that works and always leads into something more. No pacing. No waiting around waiting for his mistakes to show. No crutching on low forward. Plenty of sick parries and primo punishes. No waiting around for my training mode situation combos.

Last few times in tournament, I’d been having some real problems with my body. I think I have cancer or something, but anyway, I think that’s been settled and I’ll be ready to show you this play next time on @IEBattleGrounds Stream.

That is if I make it.


Also, SF4 was more like a new form of social networking. All the gamers got together and played a game for the sake of playing a game with other gamers. That’s cool and all but when you push other more skill worthy games down the chute simply because it’s not making your friends making ceremonies feel an easier because “tehy are so competitive”, it becomes borderline pathetic. I know we’re just looping back to four years ago at this point but for real. I love being able to sit here and say “I told you so”.

Even Bas is tweeting about how stupid SF4 is. You’ll listen to the japanese players, won’t you?


One thing that sucks about 3S aside from Chun Li is that it’s so good that there’s no heir to it. There’s no other game that plays like 3S and games that resemble it in some ways really don’t play anything like it once you start breaking it down.

Players of over great games have at least similar titles to jump onto. If I like Quake 3 I can still mod it, create maps, etc. Same with CS. RTS gamers can check out DOTA or LOL or whatever it is. There’s always something you can invest in but sadly not 3S.


I went to a MTG draft and got recognized as pyrolee lol…Kaz won the draft! Kaz is the pyrolee of MTG draft…no joke

Role reversal!