What's your player data?

Hi guys. Is anyone is interested in sharing their player record. I was how much people play this game. Not points or anything, just an indication of how much you play.

Play time: 210:59
Number of Fights: 1773

Play Time: 498:20
Fights: 4198

Play Time: 187:06
Fights: 2455

Play Time: 931:18
Fights: 11298

Wow, I’ve been slacking off lately…

Since December 25th 2009:

Play time: 105:29
Battle Points: 1334
Number of Fights: 618
Number of wins: 361

Grade points: 3313 (G2-D)

Main: Vega (Claw)

shrug I don’t turn off my Xbox.

Play time: 2861:12
Number of fights: 18198

I still suck.

36, 24, 36

18 thousand fights!? :o
Lol at Raunwynn.

Thanks for replying guys

Play time: 450:44
Number of Fights: 3564

I think menu time is included in play time though and as I, as I’m sure many people do, leave my xbox on a lot, that will affects the numbers.

edit: Doing the maths, with 450 hours played every game fought on average would last 7 minutes and 34 seconds which is obviosuly way off, unless 75% of my time was spent against the cpu (when in reality about 5% of it is).

does anyone know what the numbers in character record mean in player data the first page i know the second one is your win rate against that character but what does the first page represent.

That’s which character you use the most in percentages.

Ok, thanks for answering.:bgrin:

Now you gotta post your play data :wgrin:

This thread? Again? For the 12th time?

I have played 314 hours.

See what I did there? C’mon… that shit’s too easy, do better.

1 GP, G3-E. haha was never able to get a ranked or championship going.

Don’t know the play time or # of fights.

1282 Fights, I need to catch up LOL I’ve had this game for a year now