What's your player match etiquette?

I started playing some player matches today, since I got a bit sick of trying to find a decent connection in Ranked or Champ and wanted a decent connection I could play on for a while…

It seems that with most people, I’d be kicked after one game, without the chance for a rematch, regardless of how close or enjoyable the match was. Even after sending messages requesting a rematch, the players would just ignore me.

So, what’s the point in sitting in player match lobbies if you’re going to kick a player after one game? If you’re constantly looking for new competition, then ranked lobbies are specifically tailored for that. The point in player matches is to re-play the same opponent over and over again…

TL;DR? -

So, my question really is: What’s your player match etiquette? Do you set a certain amount of games before you want a new opponent, or do you just kick everyone after one victory?

You’ve just probably been getting scrubs. I usually play around 10 depending if i like the opponent’s style. If they’re shoto scrubs that do thousands of unsafe jumpins, random SRKs, Random Focus attacks, or turtling, i usually kick them after 2 or 3 games. Theres no way they can beat a sim playing like that, and theres no way ima get better playing people like that, so i usually look for skilled people.

Use a yellow face to wish us good games before the first match starts. Use it after matches when feeling the match was cool. Use a blue face when lag was blatant.

I never have taunts enabled.

-length of series
I’ve been trying to develop the habit of “first to 5”, unless, of course, my opponent ends it sooner.

-character variation
Again, this is a habit in development but I’m more into running at least my top 5 favorite characters of the moment. This may include a character I am looking to add to my roster.

-"rage quitting"
forbidden. 0%. unacceptable (on my end). On my opponent’s end, I’ve grown (from my CVS2 days) to tolerate it. It’s good to practice good sportsmanship and even keep a positive spirit when your opponent does not. By the way, I don’t assume they are all “rage quits” when it happens. I know that percentage in Championship, or even the disconnects that occur in Player, are sometimes genuine connection issues.

-stage selection
I HATE that volcano stage (the red burns), I hate the car stage (like the music for the fight, but the yellow ground hurts my eyes), and I really don’t like that stage on the cruise ship with the club atmosphere (don’t like the blue in it). I never pick those stages when I have control. I never do Random either. Speaking of control, I don’t know why Capcom won’t just let stage (and music) selection rights alternate. Why should one player, even if the creator, have control ALL the time?

I always do at least best of 3 because even complete noobs deserve a rematch if they want it.
Only time i do one and out is if its too laggy or really boring (Bisons who get air-thrown from headstomps all match, or Blankas who eat c.jab/s.lk all match because they spam rolls.
I always send my “ggs” and a little advice if i notice i was able to exploit a major flaw in their playstyle.

Player matches are the only way i’ll play SF online…and usually only after ive lit up one.

Honestly, if you are almost always getting kicked after 1 match, you are probably doing something to annoy people. I find that even in matches with a huge skill gap, most players will at least do 2-3 matches. The only way I’ll not give someone at least a second match is if there is unplayable lag, or they are poor winners/losers (mad face, taunting, etc).

I always try to give people I beat a rematch if they want it; I never taunt, unless they taunt me first - in which case I will taunt them back after I land my ultra or a nice combo :smiley:

As far as picking my character goes, half of the time I go first and pick Ryu, but sometimes I’ll hover over Ryu and wait for them to pick and so long as they don’t pick Sagat I go with Ryu.

Ask them

Thanks for the contribution…


  • Will play best to 5, welcome to leave at any point, if they’re completely noobish and want a rematch (I often leave noobie games after 2) I will play but generally feel horrible doing so.
  • I do taunt, though I generally don’t consider taunting insulting since I’ve grown accustomed to “Taunt wars” with a few of my friends, not everyone sees it this way, but meh. Each to their own, it’s a game, don’t take it so seriously.
  • If they keep falling for something completely obvious, I have a tendency to taunt as a sort of ‘wake-up’ call in hopes to actually give them a hint. It worked a lot when I first started because it made me stop and think.
  • I generally go: Vega, Bison, Rufus, then whoever takes my fancy after that. I NEVER stick to my main. Ever.
  • I don’t play a second game if it lags like a hell on the first round. If it’s a short bump or two at points, it doesn’t bother me, I’ll keep playing.
  • If they’re fun to play against, I try to ask for an add.
  • And always send out the GGs and if I get my ass severely whooped will give a compliment because I LOVE losing to brilliant players.

I treat people with respect until they disrespect me. I’m fully aware of how people so I usually just play back to see if they’re fucking around or not. I’ve met some cool ass people based on how I handled their bullshit. When people whine and cry, I try and give advice, if they keep whining and crying I ignore.

Just treat people how you want to be treated. If you treat people like a bitch, yous a bitch.

Ryu, Sagat, Gief: no.
Guile, Blanka, Chun, Vega: You have one round to prove you’re not a ****** flowcharter.
Anyone else: jesus fucking christ about time

You go random, i go random until i’m sick of random giving me every character OTHER than the ones i actually play. Dan dan Rose Sakura Rose = fuck that shit.

You = psyching out precisely no one. OMG HE’S HOVERING OVER RYU WHO’S HE GONNA PICK IT’S ALWAYS SUCH A TOSSUP. Love to hear what your retarded plan is if they DO pick Sagat. Mirror, because you’re that much of an online twat?

If you actually think like this, yous probably a deluded scrub. In fact, given the evidence that you can barely fucking string together a sentence, i’d bet on it. Heavily.

Whoa Jagger. Calm down.

Jagger brings up a legitimate point:

Why do Dan and Rose come up so often in random select? I had some player matches against a guy a while back (I think he was from SRK) and we had two Dan mirror matches in a row, and at least one Rose mirror match (read: game of Rose-ball) from random select. Bollocks.

Also people who like to hover over random select, then when you go random, they go to sagat. If you’re just hovering and waiting it’s pretty obvious you just want me to go random so you can go and do your herpderp into ultra. Fine whatever I’ll take the bait. If you’re the kind of person who feels the need to do that you’re not going to be very good.

On topic. I’ll stay for a reasonably long time unless the lag/player is truly shit or Ryu. Start off with chun but deviate pretty quickly unless they’re a decent player with an uncommon main, in which case i’ll stick with her and try and learn some shit. Usually end up going with random. Also, yellow face, always, unless I’m getting a case of the online rage. And a gg at the end if it was a lengthy session.

I thought it was just my crappy luck, but the fact that you’ve noticed a lot of Dan and Rose specifically in random makes me wonder if there’s not something screwy with the random algorithm on the 2p side. I’ve never seen randoms on the 1p side go so horribly.

I pick rose by choice. True story.
Anyway, I really hate people that get some sort of satisfaction by keeping their e-cred preserved by kicking you before you have a chance to beat them. This shit happens all the time. I’ll join someone’s player match, we’ll have 4 or 5 bars and 1 or 2 really good games, and then they’ll kick me because they realize they have a chance of losing. I don’t really see any logic behind their actions otherwise…

well i I have met some cool ass people based on how I handled their bullshit.
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