What's your preference?

I’ve been looking for a stick to play the upcoming SF2 HD Remix. I’m just curious what’s everyone’s preference when it comes to playing Street Fighter? Do you prefer:

a. Octagon gate, Square gate, or 360
b. Bat top vs Ball top
c. US vs Japan button layout

I’ve tried several different setup from the arcades - but that was years ago. I remember liking the octagon gate for certain characters, but liking the 360 gates for Zangief. I prefer ball top so I leaning towards a Sanwan setup. Funny thing is I like teh US button layout.

So I’m having trouble deciding what type of stick to get. :confused:

Just curious what your opinion is of each configuration and why. I would also appreciate any suggestion / recommendation for a stick for me. :slight_smile:

It would be great to have sticky threads for all new ppls looking to get sticks




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