What's your secret ingredient?

What is it that you add that makes it that much more flavorful?

Personally my secret ingredient is this.



you didn’t put solyent green. But, I put Meth. Because no one will give a fuck and everybody is happy.



nuff said

The souls of orphan children.

Man, am I the only one that puts cinnamon in their spaghetti?

no. Cinnamon is good with so many things.

Vanilla Extract.

Peanut Butter treats rolled in heroin.


When I put my foot in it I put my foot in it.

Sugar,spice,and everything nice. With a hint of chemical X.

Make my dookie twankle! :tup:

Roundhouse to the kidney

soy sauce, olive oil with crushed garlic

Sriranchan hot sauce. Also placenta

Considering all of the trannies and the boys who love them that came out of the woodwork, post 08, why isn’t “penis” on that list, ap?

Because love pretty much has that covered.