What's your stance on guard-meters?

I dislike them. Why have a limited guard-time AS WELL AS the threat of a throw to make your life miserable? Pushbacks are a better way to continue offense, since the defending character can stand a chance, then. There’s also red parrying…

I personally prefer guard meter over parry and especially red parry. If there has to be parry in the game I’d prefer it to be how P-Groove is in cvs2.

Guard meters prevent people from just sitting there. So, they’re good. Guard strings for life.

What’re the unique intricacies of P-Groove’s parry, Higher-Jin?

And, by the way, I’m totally friggin’ rocked by the fact that you were the first reply on my first thread, on SRK.

??? Do you have a problem with me or something? P-groove is balanced out by a smaller guard meter compared to the other grooves and it also has a smaller, more precise parry window (I believe 3 frames, if I’m wrong don’t jump on my nuts please). I don’t play CvS2 competitively or anything, I’ve just played 3s and CvS2 and prefer the way CvS2 handled the parry system, that’s all. I was just expressing a opinion, not as some kind of authority on CvS2 or 3s, but just as a casual player who has tried out both.

I prefer the natural approach, but I also don’t have a problem with a guard crush bar, since guard crushes are fun to me.


Guard Meters discourage turtling.

^ yeah, but they do encourage runaway… :looney:

I’d rather deal with a Run-away than a person that Turtles and Zones the entire match.

It forces you to play a LOT more careful. Because you don’t want to be on the end of a guard crush. It also forces you to attack. AND you can still zone even with a guard meter there. It all depends on your playstyle, actually. You’re not completely helpless if you’re turtling. You just have to throw in some more attacks than usual.

missle launch has a crush on you

people against A groove characters in CVS2 should have infinite guard meter. especially A-Sakura’s SHOSHOSHOSHOSHOSHOSHOSHOSHO…


But yeah, I love guard meter. Like DS said, it forces you to play more on your toes.

i would like games that are entirely turtling and zoning THAT IS THE BEST PART OF FIGHTING GAMES IMO

I’m not a fan of guard meter when you have, say, custom combos or dominant pokes.

Otherwise, though, it’s fine.

I actually think Monster’s point system is a unique and excellent way of handling this problem. Blocking increases your points, and when you have more points than the opponent, any counterhit launches them forever for a free combo. You also have a burst in this game, and you can use that to score counterhits.

You also gain points by performing combos (each hit adds a point). So the system rewards both good offense and good defense.

There’s another awesome side effect of this, as well: It teaches people to actually stay patient on defense. One of my main weaknesses as a player, and an extremely common one in general, is getting anxious and constantly trying to jab/jump/parry out of pressure. The point system basically requires you to block well in order to win, and it’s helped me get on the right track.

That is the saving grace of Monster IMO and if they fix the other stuff I don’t like (backdash) I would start playing it again. Seriously point system is the best solution I have ever seen for rushdown-oriented games, because it values the player on offense to go for the mixup (actually trying to HIT the opponent, not just making them block), thus taking a risk by creating a hole in their block string instead of doing long guaranteed block strings a monkey could block JUST because it retains your advantage.

Imagine a guard meter in MVC2 :looney:

Doom, Blackheart, and Iceman would all become suddenly better solo characters.

What he said.

Strong supporter. Even with turtles, having a guard meter shouldn’t be a problem unless you JUST SIT THERE FOR FORTY SECONDS SOLID.