What's your style?

Inspired directly from JigglyNorris’ thread, I’m asking you…

What’s your style? How do you prefer to play? Rush-down? Turtle? Counter-offensive? Throw them all over the place? Fighting without fighting? Ok…no…really…tell me. :slight_smile:

As for me…I’d have to classify myself as a rush-down player for sure. Hey…I love combos, so it can’t be helped. I have to admit that I don’t throw as much as I should, preferring using strikes to open up my opponents over throws. I love mix up games that can lead to big combos. I’m not above zoning.

I will only turtle if your lead demands it. Otherwise, I get bored too easily.

I play my best when i play Counter-Offensively but i seemingly always forget that until i start losing after playing RTSD.


I love combos into throws, safe jumps, throw loops, and especially tick throws and walk in throws.

I guess I’m sort of explosive. I wait for the right moment and usually score big damage.

But then again each match requires it’s own play style.

OJ get on Live already!

I’m all about intimidation and throws. I try to get my opponent just a little on edge and make them pay big. Anything I can do to get to that point, whether it be rush down or turtling.

I play random. So I set aside a month and played and observed for a great deal. I came up with this huge list of what works with Boxer. Block strings, shenanigans, tick throws, you name it. So I have all this stuff on a list, right? Well I started numbering them 1 through 79. Now I just set that list next to my TV and just under it I have a random integer generator running. I just look at the integer, match it up with an entry on a list, and shazam. Sometimes it’s not fool proof. there’s a about 1/10 chance I’ll get something like low rush to low rush, or float fierce super, for the most part…

Who am I kidding. I like to play rush down. I do have to hybridize turtling with rush down against some characters.

I like to play offense over defense. I like to take risks, maneuver across the screen and do unusual things. Over course, it changes depending on the matchup.

i alternate between rush-down and counter offensive. it really depends how my opponents react to either style. for instance…when i play goldenarch88…he seems to have the perfect answers to my rush-down…but when i play counter offensively…i do MUCH better.

My style is to constantly screw up link combos, safe jumps, and tick throws until the Good players leave the room.

Then I screw around with my fellow scrubs for a while. The sad part is that this is a pretty accurate description of how an average night on Live plays out.

Rushdown, counter-offensive, and turtle all lumped together.

Check my YouTube channel Ospery. www.youtube.com/JigglyNorris. Look at those old videos of my Hawk. I had my days too dude.

tactical-defensive turtling, counter attacker, patience… I will wait for you to jump, will use exploits if the other player cant reverse it. If I’m ahaead on health and the time is running low, then Im happy to sit back in the corner and let the time pass…attack at your peril.

Depends on the character I’m playing. I primarily cycle between Dee Jay, Cammy, and Sagat, with Dee Jay being my far-and-away best. With Dee Jay, I play a game of ranged and poking pressure, not quite what I would call rushdown, but not turtling by any means either. I typically am trying to get into that poke range, where I attempt to force mistakes for a knockdown leading into a crossup. The exceptions are when I’m fighting Honda or Zangief, where it’s a game of keepaway. I play Sagat somewhat similarly to this in HDR, though I don’t play him especially well. I’m still more used to N. Sagat, which requires a much different flow.

With Cammy, it’s rushdown. Frustrate with pokes, then close in with mixups and throw setups, occasional crossup on knockdown.

Zone those I can, and BRING THE KNEES for the characters like claw, dic, and sim. Lol, actually I’ll bring the knees against most, but throwing hados is fun too.

Oh and I’m starting to learn fei. Rice247 was my inspiration.

I like to try and analyze my opponents own style, then try to rush down when I have a reasonable TAP charged, and try to force an opening.

my Dee Jay is a bit of a turtle with some counter-offensive.

my Gief is… i was gonna say rush down but the more i think about it he is more of a counter-offensive kind of guy

My style is offensive little defense , I may defend once in a while. I mostly use Chun-li, or fei.

I play my opponent. Everyone has patterns they fall into - I try to recognize them, then play the counter.

I usually alternate between defense, and what I think of as “safe offense”, where I try to keep pressure on in a way that is risky or difficult to counter or escape.

Rushdown! Unless the player counters my attempts a couple times. If that’s the case, I switch it up to safe offense. No tick’s or very random one’s so they’re not reversed :).