Whats your style?

Just wondering how others like to play 3S. Are you a turtler, a rushdown type, or a little bit of both. Oh yeah pick who you think is your best char and how you like to play them. Im best with either Akuma or Dudley, kinda hard to choose who im better with, depends who im playing against. I usually like to rushdown everybody, only time i really turtle is when im easily chipped to death, ill mix in both styles when im playing some expert whos better than me, fucking hate turtles so I just constantly toss their ass.

Well, I know I don’t have much of a rush-down game in 3s, so like I voted, I try for a little of both. I suppose that amounts to zoning doesn’t it? My top 2 characters are Urien and Necro, both of whom can zone well and then press an advantage hard when the time comes.

to think I play both with twelve hehehehe

Makoto =D, Used to use Yun… but he became real mainstream here =.= so I didn’t like it, ran around and saw vids of Izu and Cheyemuru playing Makoto and I was just :wow: so I picked her up. She compliments my style of play very nicely, the ability to punish turtlers and a mind boggling mix up game with enough space to improvise. She is my best and she is my favourite character in 3S. I hate to block and I’m lazy to parry (unless my opponent is either good or just someone I want to teach a lesson), otherwise I just keep rushing down and keep them pinned to the ground with meaty uoh’s, feint rh karakusas, feint rh lp ex chops and such. Beautifully built character, even if she is a wild card character with strengths depending on the player’s ability to use her, she is powerful and I like :tup:

I can honestly say, none of the above.

It depends. Whatever the situation is. I play defensively when I need to, I play offensively when I need to.

I go the way of the wind…
which basically amounts to me sucking a lot.

i use Ken mostly, i’ve just always loved him and been best with him in most fighting games.

Turtle for life!

you should add a new category : random air hurricane kicks

it’s got my vote for sho!

hate those random A.X.E , hurricane , sudden-air-to-air , FLASH-kick …

i pick catogory 3 …
but i’m poor with turtle and footsies …

rushdown with alex is fine , because my policy is " SAFETY FIRST " and “WHAM” …

i turtle when i switch to chun li. :clap:

My Style?

You could call it, the art of fighting, without fighting…


:clap: nice quote :tup:

Lot’s of standard & meaty N.D.L.'s mix-up. Poking with crouching LK, crouching MK. Lots of gliding HK’s, into crouching HP’s. Cross-up s much as poossible, parry, throw. A.X.E. anti-air and wake-up. Build bar. Play keep away games and try to get close sometimes. That’s my Twelve.

What if you have a mixture of all of the above? I can’t claim just both either. I guess I’m super random?

yes, you forgot to put none of the above in the poll


European Guy: Art of fighting, without fighting? Show meh some!

Enter the dragon = ownage :karate:

There is another “style” which annoys me - the “no-style” style. By that I don’t mean the flexibel and adaptive style, which always changes to respond to the situation and would be good, of course.

What I mean is when someone plays SF3 like it was SF2WW, does “boring” moves only over and over again, does not uses any combos (not even the most basic ones) because he doesn’t care for style and whether the match was intense - and then laughs girlish like it was a “funny” match if he wins.

I’d prefer getting owned by skillful players than getting involved in putting up lame fights, no matter the outcome.

Idk, I just play smart. Rush when you should, wait it out when you should. I play Dudley and Ken mainly.