What's your title/icon/Color/taunt for Vega?

Since the lot of you are such indecisive bastards, I’ll make it!

For me:
Icon: Vega Monochrome
Title: Acrobatic Dancer
Colour: Original 4
Taunt: 2 (For the ultimate claw toss > taunt 2 fun.)

As for at the moment as I keep switching it:
Icon: Makoto Monochrome
Title: “More tea, please!” < To reflect my awesome tea-drinking nature.

Please forgive us Francys. I’m passive in everyday life. Not the best trait for success, but it does help get people to like you.

Icon: Vega’s cartoon icon
Title: T. Hawk’s “Got a Girlfriend” title because I’m hilariously insecure.
Color: I swap between colors 5 & 6 the most
Taunt: taunt 2. Nothing is better then playing keep-away with taunt 2. :3

Icon: Vega Monochrome
Title: Juri’s "Get Bent!"
Colour: Original 2 or Alt 8
Taunt: “My blades will make you beautiful~”, or taunt 2

Vega shouldve had a title with “I’m Super Fabulous!”, I was honestly shocked that he didnt have that as one of his titles.

Fabulous? o.o That’d fit Ibuki more IMO.
Which one is taunt 2 btw?

Icon: Legend
Title: Ass Wooper
Colour: Tan as can be
Taunt: Hey there gorgeous…to myself

If you’ve ever seen Deuy’s avatar, it’s where he makes that pose and gives you the “bring-it-on” signal while he chuckles.

Lol that was of his previous winquotes, it wouldve been pretty cool.

oh and taunt 2 is whats in Deuy’s avatar.

Edit: Soda beat me to it xD

Icon: Vega bar code
Title: Prince of Beauty
Colour: Original 5
Taunt: All of them

Icon: Vega 3D Cube
Title: Legendary Claw
Colour: Atlernate 4
Taunt: 2
Win Quote: 9

Icon: Vega’s flag
Title: Legendary Claw
Colour: original 5, alt 10
Taunt: 2 and claw/mask throw

Icon: Vega’s flag or adon, guile and rog
Title: Legendary Claw
Colour: 3,6,8 when mad color 4
Taunt: 6,4,10,1

Ken B aka: a big irish man

Title: Devilish
Icon: The Snake
Colour: Pink No.6 original(I hate when 6 is not available in toureneys etc…and especially hate when someone else uses the same colour!)
Taunt: No2. (I used to use 6 and 8, but they take sssooooo loooonnngggg)

I use Pink as my colour for every game, Halo etc. as it seems to upset my insecure opponents!!

I feel both my title and icon are very subtley appropriate for my Vega and I also don’t get kicked from as many lobbies or avoided as when I had uniquely Vega icon/titles as they basically advertised my intentions…

Icon: vega’s monochrme i think
title: Juri’s Evil girl
color: 10 (gotta love the blonde hair)
taunt:2 or 8

Now you know what taunt 2 is :wink: Btw it’s way too small to see, but my avatar is actually a sprite I made in photoshop.

I switch my icon/title around pretty often usually, but right now it’s Dudley’s bowtie flag and “Legendary Ninja”.

Pink FTW!!!

Icon: Cat
Title: Self-Reliant
Color: 10
Taunt: 10

Asasin jaY aka - Da Assassin jaY

Icon: Vega’s flag
Title: Prince of Beauty
Colour: used to rock #6- pink but ive seen too many who uses it so ive change to #2 but my top 3 are ( 1 , 2 , 6 )
Taunt: my PERSONAL favorite is # 1 whn im whoopin my Opponent’s ASS by a HANDSOME Guy !!

im totally stock…

i keep it simple…then they dont know what hit em

Icon: Vega’s Monochrome
Title: Perfectionist
Color: 10 (Basically everything reversed. Purple belt, Red and gold matador pants, red tattoo, blonde hair)
Taunt: 4 (Seems cocky, folds arms lightly and stands toward the camera with head tilted)

If I’m being invited to a battle by a certain friend, I have specific taunts for specific people.
Taunt 3 or 9 for females, Taunt 10 for any character I consider ugly, Taunt 1 or 2 when I “go insane”

Same as the original for me
Vega Cartoon Cube
Rose’s Title that says "Sexy"
Color 7 (that blue and purple one) If i know someone is going to take that one(Tatsu -_-) I go with the Whitish/brown one
Taunt 2 to piss people off or use against online homos who like to just keep jumping backwards.

Icon: Vega bar code / Vega box
Title: Third Rate Fighter
Colour: Original 6, Alternate 10 (Blond hair, black rose. Mmmmm…)
Taunt: I like all of them but number 3 (Does your ugliness embarrass you?) is my favourite.