What's your win percentage?


Win percentage, main character, and top 5 worst matchups for you according to your win/loss %.

Main: Ken
Endless: 61.60%
Ranked: 71.20%

  1. Dhalsim
  2. Seth
  3. E. Honda
  4. Rufus
  5. Guile

Big improvement from Vanilla where my win % was around 30%.


How can you watch your endless stats?


juri 41%
adon 49%


You can’t.

71% ranked win rate?

Post a screenshot please.


How’s that so impressive? Personally :

Ken : 60% (3000+ matches)
Sagat : 60% (Below 1000)
Seth : 58% (1500 or so matches)


71% isn’t that crazy.



94% is though :smiley:


That dude seems to be crazy. I saw someone saying that he’s booster. lol. Who the hell would boost in arcades? That’s like throwing your money away for nothing.


It isn’t but anything above 70% is questionable.


Ranked is 60-ish, endless is 51. Not bad considering I don’t even have a main and I generally dislike the game, lol. Still, have over 1,000 matches played (~200 hours). My goal has always been to break 50%.


My goal is to have as low a win percentage as possible online. Though that relies on there being sufficiently good competition, so I’m around the 50% mark.

Worst 5 matchups by percentage for my Guile are El Fuerte, Viper, Cammy, Gouken and the surprise Dee Jay.


why exactly? Game is still full of bad players.


My win rate is 10%


What is this illusory “winning” of which you speak?


You shouldn’t lose to Deejay with Guile.


Especially late nights on PSN, I rarely play any decent players


After around 3500 matches in total.

Cody: 65%
Evil Ryu: 62%
Dan: 62%
Ken: 69%
Dudley: 55%
Guy: 65%
Yang: 53% (dropped from mid 60s since they nerfed his j.mk crossup lol)

Due to the weird nature of XBL online now, I rarely make it past 2000ish pp, since for some reason ranked is full of what must be artificially low pp players. Searching more skilled keeps giving me people with like 8000bp and 400pp, who put up way more of a fight than you would reasonably expect from low pp players. These days on any given play session I’ll go like 10-2 and barely break even in points. Brutal.
(Disclaimer for SRK knobheads: Yes, ranked means shit. No I’m not that bothered about my points. No need to beat this dead horse)


Number of Dee Jay players I’ve played more than once on XBL: 2. Both much better players than me. Small sample pool and all of that…


I’m over 70 and I’m not that good.


I’m over 70 and i’m terrible. There are loads of shitty players online to run into. It would help if the ‘more skilled’ function actually worked but I’m always getting matched up with 0-1000pp despite having it on. It’s easy to get a high win % against shitty players despite trying to actively avoid them.