What's your Win Ratio?


Just wondering what your win ratio is, and what percentage you consider average and professional?

Mine is 70%


This will vary by the player and how frequently they play online. You know it’s easy to rack up a massive win ratio by pounding a newbie over and over right?

Yeah. Win Ratios…mean nothing.

It has to mean something, I mean in general, sure there might be a few players just playing against the people they win against, but in general win ratio could determine aproxmately the skill level online?

Mines at 47%; was a lot higher when I just played my mains online but lately I’ve been embracing the power of SAIKYO!

No, it also depends on what character you use, who you play, and so many other factors.

Mine is 73%

Not really, mine rocketed over 60% after a training session with a friend because he wanted to learn to use Dictator and I said I’d give him pointers while playing against him online (since we live a couple of miles away).
These training sessions rarely end in the person learning actually winning when I’m saying “Right, watch my jump-in, counter with this then this” If you fail, you’re going to get hit so your health will die.

So mine used to be really high until I stopped using Bison online for a while and went back to Vega (my main).

win ratios don’t mean anything. If if can be abused to alter the true ratio (what it should be ideally for you), then win ratios mean nothing. I played some lag abusing jerk last night, lost 21 to 1.