What's your workspace like?

After modding your stick and plugging it into your PC to make sure your MC Cthulu/Imp/360 mod all checks out, you check back to your workspace to see…

Well, what do you see? Where do you work? A special workbench for all of your electronic applications? Or are you like me, and work on the kitchen table because it has the best lighting? Post your workspace after (or before) a project!

I’ll get it started…


And a better look from the top…


I actually have a portable table I take out and put away when I mod sticks. It leaves no evidence and forces me to clean up lol.
I’ll take pics when I’m done wiring my stick.

This is what my workspace looked like when I 1st moved into my new house a last November.

Its a fucking mess of arcade parts and wires now. I really need to clean up the garage. lol

I keep everything in a box then get it out and work on my coffee table

I’d show a picture but, it’s just a coffee table

Pretty much how my stuff is. I just had a mess, so I took a shot of it.

Holy CRAP, I want that garage. Grandma sold all of my granpda’s old woodworking stuff (for a horse trailer… I have quite the family), and I really wanted to get back into it. Also, two MAMEs? SFA3, and by any chance… is that DonPachi?

Peggle Nights, lol

Ah, sorry, it was so small, I couldn’t tell. DonPachi is probably my favorite shumup. Heh. So, of course I’d see it in anything XD

Haha, that’s the same thing I do. I have 2 boxes though: Parts & Tools. I need to have a LITTLE bit of organization.

I’ll be working on dual modding a friend’s TE next week though, so I’ll try to remember to post a pic of the workstation in action.

Here is my layout. Still getting it together cause I’m just moving into my new place.


I have a obsession with Ikea furniture :wink:

by the way Raoul Duke you make me miss my garage

Well I have one of those plastic tower of drawers you can buy at any department store

each drawer is something different (tools, parts, etc.) I just call it a box

I just use my dinner table, draped in lots of newspaper. When I’m done cutting wires, dripping solder, and randomly discovering screws after putting sticks back together, I just ball up the newspaper and throw it away. hahah

Whoa, need to do this. Smart man. Smart. I just clear off everything that is to be kept, the scraps I just give a once over with a vacuum cleaner.

I’d post mine, but all you’d get is a box, some newspaper and a fold up table with a cutting mat X3

It’s all cool. I’m interested in any and all places. Maybe to see how clean you are after a project, maybe to show how much everyone is really building these sticks on a table in the living room, lol.

Haha well, you’d get my kitchen floor then aswell, I do all of my sanding out my backyard and putting together in the kitchen X3 Soldering and connecting stuff is on said table.

Haha. Backyard with newspaper for paint jobs for me, Lol. Can’t say I’ve worked into the kitchen yet. Aside from making snacks between connections. Lol.

I cannot show.
They’ll come after me. :sad:

Awww come ooooon~

@Nerrage: hehe, tiled floor makes messes soooo easy to clean up, so if it’s raining I do handsanding down there too.
It also makes the kettle within my reach for countless cups of tea OwO

Yeah. Don’t need to expose your secret manufacturing schemes ;D

@Francys?Tea is good. I definitely find it to be my source for refreshment. Lol. Unfortunately, at my parent’s house (where I still keep a few tools), the kitchen is carpeted. dunno why O_o;. And my roommates may want to beat me if I’m sanding in the kitchen and blocking their path to ramen noodles. Lol.

X3!! That’s peculiar…annd really inconvenient for spills to have a kitchen carpeted :X

Tea is a must, keeps one awake when the task starts getting a little daunting (I find sanding to be extremely daunting X3)