What's Your Worth to the World?


I recently read an article on Cracked titled “6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person.” It is a harsh, yet inspiring read that forces the reader to accept a lot of things about themselves.

Most of you will not read this article, instead opting to make a snarky, dismissive joke and continue your day. That’s okay.

The article starts off with an interesting “game” to determine whether the article is for you or not. It tells you to name five impressive things about yourself, but “here’s the catch – you’re not allowed to list anything you are (i.e., I’m a nice guy, I’m honest), but instead can only list things that you do (i.e., I just won a national chess tournament, I make the best chili in Massachusetts).”

If coming up with this list was difficult, it implores you to read the rest of the article. I think you should read it anyway, but know that it’s a long, difficult read that will force you to come to term with a lot of things. Even though it’s a Cracked article, it may be one of the most important things you ever read, and even applies to how you can play and excel at fighting games.

Anyway, this list basically determines how useful you are to the world, and what you can do for it. This list essentially defines who you are as a person, instead of a collection of emotions and opinions that are useful only to yourself.

Here’s my list:
– I have modded a ridiculous number of arcade sticks. Probably over three hundred.
– I figure most technical things out at a ridiculous speed. If I don’t know something, give me five minutes directly on-hand with the subject (or on Google) and I can convince you that I’m an expert on it.
– I have received a few awards and accolades for writing, both in journalism and in fiction.
– I can make anyone laugh.
– I inspire people without even trying. It just happens. As arrogant as this sounds, my life is not desirable in any way, and I do not believe myself to be anyone of importance. However, people at tournaments still want to shake my hand, tell me how happy they are to meet me, and how much they appreciate my story or what I do. I don’t think I deserve that. It still happens. Also, if you laughed at what I just said, please see the previous item on this list.

What’s your list? How hard was it to write? Thoughts on the article?


I actually read the article.

Pretty much nothing but the truth, especially the parts about women.

I hope I can inspire without trying. Being an artist I don’t see it happening cause my most inspirational pieces require a lot of time and effort. It’s not something that I can pull out my ass in 30 seconds, but I’m willing to try out speed drawing.

Edit: I just won a scholarship. The school won’t tell me which one it is until near graduation.


So modding this shitheap isn’t enough for yall? I gotta give you more?


lol, wow that was some intense stuff. Reminds me a lot of reality therapy that focuses on ‘how things are’ and ‘what can you do about it’. I think the reason why reality is so difficult for us is that we so often refuse to face it, and that article puts it in your face.

So here’s my list:

-I help. It’s something I’ve always been good at. People open up to me and when they do I feel motivated to help them. I’ve stopped I don’t know how many people from committing suicide. I’ve helped people recover from PTSD due to domestic abuse. I’ve helped people in drug rehab build better lives for themselves. By the end of this upcoming fall I’ll have my Masters in Counseling Psychology and will seek a license to be a professional therapist. I’m not sure if I’ll move forward and get a PhD yet.

-I create. Before I began studying psychology, I was a studio art student. I love to paint and draw, especially nature. I’ve won some awards for my work in high school, but nowadays I usually make a painting as a gift for a family member when I go on Christmas break. Over the past 4 years I’ve created paintings for my sister, mother, and both sets of grandparents. This last Christmas was especially difficult, as my grandmother is very ill and most likely going to die soon, but I wanted to create a painting of her favorite flower the red poppy.

-I practice martial arts. For me it’s so much more fulfilling than sports or just idle exercise. It has a point. It has a philosophy. My mom made my sister and I take gymnastics but it didn’t hold my interest. When I was allowed to take Taekwondo as a child I loved it, but when I got out of the military I wanted something more. I was stationed in Japan and really fell in love with Aiki-jutsu, and when I found a dojo it became my physical outlet when I got out of class. Over the years I rose to black belt and started acting as assistant instructor. I organized free self defense clinics for young girls with the Girl Scouts and the YMCA.

-I discover knowledge. I don’t just study what other people have found, I actively seek to create new knowledge to hopefully better society. I’ve been directly involved with a number of research projects, and have been paid for my services as a graduate assistant. I’ve done studies on the impact of parental education on children, education programs for ADHD children, and the career patterns of inmates that lead to recidivism (which I got to present at APA last year!). Research is incredibly challenging, but very rewarding.

-I think. Sometimes it’s deep in meditation, sometimes it’s reading a piece of philosophy or literature. I want to discover myself, as I feel that is the way to find your own unique path to happiness. I’ve been accused of thinking too much, but it helps me keep my emotions from getting the best of me (there was a time when my emotions almost pushed me to suicide). When I think I try and place myself in the place of others, to empathize with them and consider their perspectives. I feel that if we are to have harmony, we must understand ourselves and others, and as long as we’re not thinking, that will be very difficult.


Want some harsh truth? The only reason people help others is to feel better about themselves. It’s not “right” or “wrong” but just the way we were programmed to increase survival rates in nature. If helping others didn’t make us feel good no one would be doing it.

So now that this issue is out of the way, who cares about your “worth to the world”? You live for yourself, not to satisfy others. If what you do gives you pleasure than that’s all that matters.


While I agree with the idea of Egoism, I also feel that that the best way to satisfy yourself is through your relationships with others. Humans are naturally selfish creatures, but we’re also naturally social too. Being social has helped us to survive, and from an evolutionary perspective is why people displaying antisocial tendencies are a minority.

So even though altruism is a lie, it’s still in your best interest to create harmony with those around you.


Lol at both of you.
Not everyone who helps people do it for a fix to feel good about themselves or selfish reasons, there are people who actually care to help others because is the human thing to do, and even then there is nothing bad about feeling good for saving a life.
You really think that someone jumping to a fire, or someone who jumps to help a stranger on a car accident is because he wants to play the hero?


Egoism asserts that all actions are intrinsically selfish or else we wouldn’t be doing them. A big part of this is empathy, which allows us to ‘feel’ for others so that we seek to stop their suffering. A complete lack of empathy results in your antisocial Hannibal Lectors of the world.

The idea is that behavior doesn’t happen in a void. There is always some incentive for us to do an action. That incentive might be physical or emotional, but it’s there. It’s even possible that these incentives are so powerful they cause us to make great sacrifices to risk our physical well-being or life (for example, an individual might value honor or duty over their life).

Every choice we make is essentially a value statement. We’re eliminating other choices in favor of the one we take. So why did we pick that one? Cause we got something out of it. What was that something? Well…that’s contextual, but if you figure that out it gives you a lot of insight into predicting that person’s future behaviors. Don’t take this to mean that this choice was rational, as people can value immediate gratification while ignoring long term consequences.

Science supports this theory, and virtually all behavioral science (and economics for that matter) assume this to be true. It’s fairly easy to limit and control physical incentives. And while it’s difficult to imagine a person without any emotional incentives, we can see through lobotomy patients that removing their ability to feel emotion (and thus emotional incentives) removes their desire to do anything other than eat, sleep, and defecate.

If you had no emotion you wouldn’t care to jump into a fire to save someone, help an old lady across the street, or screw a sexy girl. You wouldn’t care. And because you wouldn’t care, you wouldn’t act.


How can you read the article and still hold on to this bitch mentality?


Reading the lists, all I can say is “well duh” at half the list. While the other half, I’m reading this asking myself, “who is this guy talking to?”

Do a lot of people hate themselves out there? I mean, everyone I know seems happy for the most part, I dunno. I feel great every morning I wake up cause I have so many objectives in my life that I’d love to accomplish. Things get in the way (my job) but that’s basically it.

I dunno, I want to say “interesting article”, but I feel like it’s just your typical Cracked.com article by trying to score some hits while trying to be more and more shocking.

“Who is he to call me lazy and worthless! A good person would never talk to me like this! He wrote this whole thing just to feel superior to me and to make me feel bad about my life! I’m going to think up my own insult to even the score!”

Uhhhhhhh… I didn’t feel anything like that at all. I actually felt more like saying, "you… okay, man? Need someone to talk to?"
I dunno. Welp, time to play more street fighter and work in my rebooted blog.


Don’t fuck up other people’s lives. Boom. You’re an acceptable human being.


What are you talking about?

Sorry I didn’t know you could do a masterpiece in seconds and change someone’s life forever. I’m just not there YET like Duckie is.

And I’m fully capable of meeting time limits as long as they are realistic.


If I’m anywhere, it’s because I fucked up and decided to use the consequences as a asset instead of wallowing in self-pity.

Well no, I did do that too, but thankfully I snapped out of it. The lesson I learned is that bad shit happens to people, but makes them better people if they use it.

I’d say that article was not for you, then. Now get off SRK and get back to planning that tournament. :stuck_out_tongue:


-I can weld (3rd class level welder with only 2 months of training, despite no prior experience in the field)
-I’m a pretty decent artist (won a few art awards when i was a kid)
-I can make anybody feel good about themselves with a few choice words
-Trend setter when its comes to fashion
-I give excellent relationship/life advice (despite my age and numerous failures lol)


i’m pretty famous on SRK


i make carbon dioxide for plants


Oh cool. When I was in Hawaii I was in HOKK (Hawaii Okinawa Kenpo Karate) and Kiyoshi Joseph A. Bunch was my sensei.


My worth?

Well after a lifetime spent being the quintessential hopeless fatass, and climbing up and down from the 300+lb mark about 5 times over, i finally gained the in-depth knowledge and perspective on health & fitness that few have. I’ve since dropped about 145lbs and successfully kept all the weight off for the past 4-5 years now with no problems.

Its not going to be coming back either, as all my established health habits and lifestyle change is just too strong. I’d have to make the conscious CHOICE to stop giving a damn for the weight to return.

The big secret to success for those of you who are wondering:

[details=Spoiler] There is no secret.

Making the fat go away is nowhere remotely near as hard as the uninitiated might think, but health & fitness is still NOT something that can be half-assed. It requires lifetime dedication, sacrifice, and a complete lifestyle change to reach one’s goals and maintain them long afterwards. [/details]

So yeah, with all my knowledge i was thinking about writing a book one day. I’d give it a spiffy title like, “Idiots guide to basic fitness”. Sadly, though i’ve since realized that nobody really gives a damn in the modern era. Most who’ve had a longtern weight problem are pretty content to remain that way, and make the accepted line of excuses for it.

Bullshit like, “It gets harder when you’re older”, “Its whats on the inside that counts”, “not having to conform to society’s opinion of health”, etc. Society is just too accepting of such poor ethic and WEAK moral character flaws to call them on their shit either, partly because so many are in the same boat.

So with that out, whats MY worth to the world? Not a whole lot actually. So to hell with you guys, keep drowning in your fat for all i care and make whatever excuses you like to alleviate your guilt. I’m just out to get “my share” out of this life now.


They do, on a subconscious level. Your body pushes you towards “survival” behavior like eating, sex, not harming babies, staying away from snakes etc. etc.

You can try to talk about “values” and other rationalizations and pretend that you have full control over the machine you are in but you really don’t.


Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.