When AE2012 comes out, what will happen to arcades?

Will the arcades that currently have SSFIV:AE also see a rebalance? I’d rather not see the arcade scenes die out because of having an outdated machine. The arcade scene has been growing since it came out and it would suck if the machines become untouched.

I’m fairly certain the machines will be updaated as well.

the machines not hooked up to capcoms network, over here in the us, might be SOL tho

American arcades might have to switch to console setups like with Super. Sucks.

I see. I know in Japan they are all linked nationwide.

is there no mechanism to update machines via some sort of physical media… like a usb thumbdrive??

if that were so, i don’t think evil ryu/oni being unlocked would be code based

Yeah my question was based on American machines. I hope they get updated.

Was there ever a legitimate, Capcom-sanctioned distribution of AE cabinets here in America though? Pardon my ignorance as far as this goes. I was under the impression that the vast majority of the AE cabinets in this country were shady import jobs. Again, if I’m way off base with this just disregard this post as I’m pretty ignorant about the situation.

Looks like there was. The cabinets in Schaumberg’s Gameworks seem to be intended for American use (can’t pick costumes taunts etc, no ID system, English.)

I just wish there was enough of an arcade scene to justify a widespread distribution of the AE cabs + the rank cards overseas. I’d like nothing better than to frit away my money in front of an AE cabinet for hours in my local arcade.

I don’t think this is a huge concern. If you look at the boot up screen on AE, it will state “this version is intended for use in (a bunch of countries that isn’t Japan)”. Only systems in Japan can be hooked up to the network. Capcom would seriously be fucking over a lot of the Asian market if they didn’t come up with an update solution for them.

There will be a way.