When are any new games are going to be added to GGPO?

Not trying to seem ungrateful, I love the program. But it’s been over a year and no updates, nothing has been added. I find it difficult to believe that it’s really hard to add games into the program, because from what I understand it’s a 1-2-3 process. At one point I thought that Ponder added the game by manipulating save states, but I haven’t come across anything to confirm this.

Everyone would be happy if a just a few highly requested games were added like Real Bout Fatal Fury Special 2, World Heroes Perfect, Samurai Shodown 4 and 5 Special, and maybe another beat 'em up like Punisher or something.

Ignoring the hordes of retards requesting Mortal Kombat, Another KOF, and Atomiswave/Naomi games, I think this is pretty reasonable and can’t see how they would overload the server or be difficult to add.

No. Thats what you have to do if you want to play games that arent on the list, if fba supports them.

They should add Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance to GGPO I like Sub-Zero he is my favorite if you don’t like that game and want it for ggpo just shut up it is fun and you are dumb.

I think the question by the OP is pretty legit and shouldn’t be trolled.

Then how does he add them in then? Because I thought he had to modify the games in some way, at least that’s the excuse he gave for lag in 3S.

Has it really already been a year since Windjammers?

yea, wind jammers was only added a few months ago.

One of the stories on ggpo is that someone donated a big sum of money and that person got to choose which games were then added. If you want a game, donate some money. I’m sure ponder would be happy to do that for a few bucks to help ggpo stay up.

I donated $50 just to see SS V Special. :sad:

i have no idea how he adds them, all i know is that i read that some people make savestates for certain roms that are compatible with fba, but not on ggpo. and i think if two people have the savestate file there is an easy way to play the game.

Half the games that are supported get almost no players, and I can’t think of any fba compatible games that aren’t already supported that would get much attention.
Some more puzzle games would be nice, and I would like to have Vampire Hunter 2 and Waku Waku 7 added, but nobody would play them anyway.

SF2Koryu wasn’t even requested and it got added. Might as well have added a second lobby.

Why do people still want to play vampire hunter/savior 2 when both of those games will not get any play. Its bad enough that no one plays vampire hunter already. Do not waste your time on those 2 games Ponder. Please support other games like ss5sp, RB series, etc. Seriously, I’m just being realistic when I say that those games will get absolutely no play.


Rage of the Dragons!! Haha

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Nice to see the Trolls have turned their attention to this thread.

See what I did there? I’m just tired of stupid people that cant read is all.

None of the mortal kombat games can be added because GGPO uses FBA. FBA doesn’t support mortal kombat. Only CPS1, CPS2, CPS3, and neo geo games.

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Why in the do trolls go unpunished here? Every thread turns into some dumb web debate… MNatter of fact EVERY thread on EVERY forum turns into an insult contest, unless it’s by x famous member who hardly ever posts anymore… It’s just overtly redundant, full of stereotypical web tough guys, peacemakers, trolls, noobs who don’t even know what a hadoken is… ugh.

I would actually donate money for a game to be added but I fear the games I want wont be played…oh well.