When are people playing at gameworks these days?


Im there every weekend these days. The only guy i ever get to play against is backwards hat Mexican, and other random Mexicans. Just lookin to find out if people even go there anymore because of super.


I feel like with this knowledge I need to brush up on some Vanilla SF4 characters and go play with my people…


I went during the bite of Seattle weekend and got in a bunch of games with Samson, future and BHM. I would suggest Thursday if you want to play against a rotation.


I don’t think I’ve been to Gameworks since like 2 months before Super dropped. Was just too expensive and I spend any SSF4 time I have at the Dojo now.



I play him like 10 times every time I go to GW. To me, he is exactly the type of person that SF4 is hardcore catered to. Doesn’t know much, but knows enough to know that all he has to do is go ape shit on the joystick and buttons and he’ll get some wins.

Pisses me off.


There is a reason he’s still playing Vanilla…


So, I’m going to probably be hitting up gameworks tonight because I feel like going to downtown for some reason. I guess I’m just bored and feel like getting out of the house. Plus I want to hit up uwajimaya.

I don’t get to make it out to much since TW’s got moved and isn’t as open to the public as it was before. So most likely you haven’t met me :lol:

I wear glasses, am wearing one of those casual suit jacket things with a greyish purple T shirt underneath. I’ll probably be playing SF3 and sucking horribly at it, since I’ve only played it a couple times or Blazblue, maybe some Vanilla SF4 if the mood strikes me.

Anyway, if you see me and want to get some games in on something, feel free to say hello.


I was playing 3rd Strike with drew the other day. The games pretty fun but I’m terrible.


Testing this tapatalk thing. Almost to uwajamiya. Starving!

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Went there yesterday the one side of the cabinet is broken down now. :frowning:


I guarantee it was backwords hat Mexican guy mashing the shit out of the cabinets.


I cant wait to see who he will play when super comes out