When are replays uploaded? (PC version)

In the first months after the game’s launch, I noticed that you would be given the option to upload a replay of your online matches.

That choice was random and usually included matches that had deciders in the last second. In ranked mode the average was that in 1 out of 10 matches you would be asked to upload a replay. That choice was completely random. Some matches were awful and you could upload them, while others were much better, yet no replay appeared.

Then after a few patches that feature was gone. I played a lot of matches and the replay upload feature after an online match never appeared.

Have the prerequisites changed? That feature always baffled me

ye, kinda annoying not to know when you can upload smthg… i couldnt figure out which factors it takes into account, so its always a surprise if i get it o_O

at the fight bill screen near your PP/BP is a flaming film reel before the matches where the replay option will be available. if you win, you get to upload the replay