When are the EVO West Coast Qualifiers?

Does anyone know when they are happening. I can’t log into the evo website for some reason? I tried my SRK name and password. No go.


No offense…but you are full of fail sir. The announcement is coming…

Oh good. “The” Announcement. The one that is all answers to all questions. :rolleyes: I will just wait till someone posts something helpful.

The reason I posted was because that thread said nothing about dates, I wasn’t going to check nine pages, and with 20 minutes left before midnight, that thread is not living up to its promise.

The negative rep, was that really neccesary. :wtf:


Of course the thread didn’t live up to its promise. The only people who knew the dates before they reopened the website were Wiz and a select few.

Then why did you link me too it if it was so obvious that it wasn’t going to help? Especially if it didn’t even relate to my question.

Anyway, forget it. Just would have appreciated a different response.