When Are The Starting Dates Official For (FINAL) Evo2k6 In August?

Hey people, Im just wondering what dates in August for evolution begin and end with. You can close my thread as soon as i get the official dates in August. Thanks!

P.S. Im not talking about Evo2k6 West or East


Also interested in this as i am trying to plan all kinds of things in august and do not want to miss EVO.

should be announced by friday if all goes well.

MrWizard… 1 more week? =P

how about one more ban?

…jk! =(! <3


lol, made me spit out my food
nice delivery

good, i want to buy my ticket far in advance, last time i waited too long.

Hopefully it doesn’t correspond with my school like it did last year. Good thing I never paid for classes so right before we all left for Evo my friend and I dropped all of our classes and resigned up for others because we were going to miss the first day of class. Hopefully that’s not the case this year. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

all that trouble…just for evo…

What time do they usually post up the time for evos.

first or second weekend of August

Do not question Mr.Yzzerdd.

What’s this? SRK’s communist side? :rolleyes:

2 months ago

Here we go again.

Considering I literally had to threaten to get dates/location for EVO East, good luck getting this info.

Here’s what we know:

It’s in August.

It’s not at Green Valley Ranch.

People will need to buy plane tickets ahead of time, and if they don’t do so arguably within the next 2-3 weeks, they will be extremely expensive.

People need to reserve rooms, but this won’t be a problem since EVO usually has room blocks reserved for the gamers.

The major problem I foresee is 1. people paying extra for tickets because they weren’t given advance notice and 2. people having probs saving money/taking time off of work for the same reasons.

Pretty weird that EVO expands so large this year, yet it seems to be pretty poorly planned overall. Rules nobody agrees with besides the buddies of the staff, inexplicable prize distribution with no explanation as to why, adding a Nintendo DS game that’s already been proven to be garbage in competitive play instead of something else worth playing in tournament, and now this.

You were expecting a democracy on the internet?

shit i actually thought this was pretty funny…

you cant blame people for beign sarcastic assholes about the situation Wiz…

back then SRK was totally fucking everybody in the ass with the constant 1 week updates when all you had to say was the dvd company fucked up and we aint getting dvds.

it should be tomorrow, there was a error in the contract, and we are trying to fix it asap.

Of course. Don’t you?