When are they making more fightsticks?!

Fightsticks are sold out everywhere. When are they making more? Gamespot said early March but I haven’t heard anything from anyone. Does anyone have an idea?

From what I have gathered from my searches of local stores, and the internets, its really anybodys guess. Mid-march seems to be the general consensus.

MadCatz representative urges gamers not to get discouraged or shell out “silly prices on eBay.” More are on the way.

“The story is, new pads will be coming in. They will be replenished though March and April,” said Mad Catz’ global communications manager Alex Verrey. “Please be patient with us, and don’t pay silly prices on eBay. These controllers are not a limited edition, there will be more; they’re being made literally right now.”

Hopefully they will add sticks to this production.

if more are being made, where can they be preordered?