When are you good enough to get in the gaming scene


so i’ve been playing sf4 for a while now and i think im doing alright, learning the strategies and combos, but how can i gauge when i can actually get out there and attempt some tourney’s.


i mean like base how well i do online and how i know my character


By going out there and attempting some tourneys…there’s no prerequisite to enter tournaments.

You should go regardless. It’s a learning experience.


I would recommend playing against the people in your area (there’s always a scene of some sort) to gauge your ability. Chances are you will be the worst person there in the beginning, but it is a solid way to improve. (Or so I hear…)


Go to a tournament NOW. Today. Go again next weekend. Keep going as long as you’re having fun and you’re improving. Play, play, play.

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Just show up and play. Learn stuff and have fun. As long as you don’t act like an idiot most people will be willing to share some tips with you and get you on your way.


The best way to gauge if your ready is if you have at least an online BP/PP of at least ZERO and want to be there, you are ready.

I just went to my first tourney this weekend and I got OWNED! I went 0-2 and only took 1 round in between, but honestly it was such an awesome and valuable experience. I came back a significantly better player and in all chances so will you. Most people in various scenes want their respective community to grow and will help any out in the process. However, they will not come to you, if/when you lose talk to the person afterwards or go and speak to people. If it turns out that you hated to experience then you know maybe it isn’t for you… but I can almost garuntee that wont be the case.



You learn at the tournaments. Too many people don’t realize this.


Like everyone else is saying, there isn’t some mystical level you have to reach. Plenty of people have their first tournament experience by going out and getting rocked to the tune of 0-2. If you want to compete, just get out there and see how you measure up, be it a local Ranbat or a Major!

Once that’s done, just keep playing! If you have a local scene go out there every week or however often you can and play, play, play. Have fun and do your very best to learn from your losses.


Go to a gaming scene as early as you can is the best thing even if you have little experience but are interested. Learning now is always better than learning later.


Get that EXP, doe.

You’ll make friends as long as you aren’t a tool.


Even if you are utterly ass at a game, go out to your locals. I remember when KOF came out, I went to a local and found out everyone was playing UMVC3 and cancelled KOF due to low number of entrants. Not to be a buzzkill I joined UMVC3, even though I didn’t own the game and pressed dat :hp:, I got bodied but I met people and I still see them around when I got to locals.


Go now because playing online makes you ass. Things that work online don’t work in real life play.


The biggest misconception is that there’s some sort of requirement for being part of the fighting game community. Just show up. It’s that simple. As long as you’re decently confident in your game, and you want to get out to meet other players who have th same interests you have, just show. Be nice, be open and willing to talk to other players, play in casuals, do your best to focus and learn from your tournament experience, and most importantly, shower and wear deodorant.

Being nice, being social, showering, and wearing deodorant, will DRASTICALLY enhance your experience with the FGC. Nobody wants to be that greasy dude in the corner who smells like shit and drools everytime a girl walks past him.

Also understand that at your first tournament, you will most like either lose your matches, or win maybe one or two of them before you get beat. That’s okay. It’s all part of the learning experience. Playing in a serious tournament and laying on your coach, in your underwear, playing online matches at home, are a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE.


I like this. Keep going as long as you are having fun. Then stop. Also, don’t listen to those people that say you need to “pay your dues” to get good. Everyone learns differently so do what works for you in that respect.


When you got $4.50 for the bus.


Well, really when you got $4.50 for the bus and $15/$20 for door fee and registration. Hobbies are expensive


This thread is inspiring! Ive been playing SF for about a month now and can’t do certain bnbs but screw theres a tournament and I’m going and I’m going 0-2!

Thanks everyone, how do i find these “scenes”? I live in Denver if that helps.


Regional Matchmaking thread.


The Denver thread in the Regional Matchmaking seems really dead but they gave out this link to any Denver players in the area.
Check that out, it seems like players from Denver roam around that site.