When are you satisfied after losing? [A Balance Discussion]

Being a non shoto player, I do feel the weight I have against me in SFIV. Most of the time I win against a Sagat or Ryu I feel like I totally outskilled/outsmarted him.

However I wanna ask the community here at SRK what makes them feel Satisfied enough after losing a match?

Is it when your opponent totally outskills you and shuts you down?

Is it when your opponent throws some lucky shenanigan you didn’t know before?

Or are you simply never satsified after losing; especially against higher tier character?

After a well fought match with a similarly or more skilled opponent. An even match that went both ways and had both players play their best.
I am never satisfied after losing to Blanka, because it always feels like the bastard won because something I did went over/under/past him during some of his absurdly low/high/non-existing hitboxes during the recovery of some of his annoying crap.

Losing’s never satisfying. It’s the learning experience afterward that is satisfying.

Just lost to a jumping away j.hk shoto on GFWL. He timed me out.

I’ve got to go with not being satisfied after losing to Blanka, he feels so shit.

  • If I’m completely outskilled,I can see it and that’s when I’m satisfied with my losses.
  • If I lose because I can see exactly where I’m making mistakes and going “Argh it’s obviouuusss!” Then I can say “Yep, that was my own fault, I deserved that.”

Time’s when I’m not:

  • I get turtled/Blanka countered to death.
  • Someone who manages to floor me, focuses me back down on wakeup and keeps doing it repeatedly because Vega has no wakeup options, or keeps throwing non-stop, the times where you’re walking and their first instinct every time they’re near you/standing over you is to throw and nothing else.

If I’m playing someone who is clearly better than me, I’m somewhat satisfied if I know I made them have to work for their win.

As a Rose player I constantly have to work for my wins which makes them all the more satisfying.

I’m never satisfied with a loss, unless I take from it some very important lesson.

I wouldn’t say I feel satisfied after losing but more along the lines of not feeling salty after losing to a really good player.

I sometimes feel really annoyed when I lose to a player that lags or jump + HK then sweep in laggy matches. I feel annoyed after losing to shotos with all their safe moves and combos and high health. Some days I let the rage get to me and it makes me play worse and more aggressive. When I notice myself falling into this pattern I try to slow down my game and turtle more to change the pace of the game to my favor. It works for me sometimes, but I still need work.

when the other player and I are close to losing a round and I got jipped or something.

Im satisfied from a surprising turn of events.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems you’re implying that J.HK>C.HK doesn’t combo unless you’re playing a laggy match…

As far as I know, it’s always been able to combo… Online and off. Try it in training mode if you don’t believe me.

As for the actual topic:

Losing for me is only frustrating when I feel like I let myself down with execution errors, or poor reactions. Basically, I just get annoyed at myself.

When I can see why I lost, and the correct it. Otherwise I get pissed. Real talk.

I’m always ok with losing unless it was because my moves didn’t come out or It didn’t tech when I pressed lp+lk that always pisses me off because it cost me the match. Fightin Gen is also very annoying because of his stupid low jump arc.

Yes you were wrong about what I was implying. What I mean is that when playing super laggy matches, all the other player does is Jump + HK then sweep. In a normal non-stupid wireless lag player match I would have no problem defending myself and countering this noob little combo, but when it lags like hell and that’s all the other guy is doing it annoys me.

I don’t like playing these no skill lagers that don’t even try to learn the character they play or buy an Ethernet cable and learn how to hook their Xbox360 up to their router.

i myself am never satisfied after loosing i just go back into training mode and work on the things i need. but when loosing to a player that just shuts me down completely i dont feel bad that i lost

satisfied - losing in an offline match

angry - losing online. (with a FEW exceptions)

I learn very little from a win unless it someone i should have lost to. Online i win vs so many scrubs that it does nothing to me but give me bad habits but losing and then winning vs somone good is much more satsifying. If i wanted to win all day i could just play random matches on XBL but that would just make me suck and develop bad habits. It is best to play with people that know what they are doing and losing to someone you should have betten sucks but if you keep pushing your game up that wont happen to much.

PS. I still suck but im working on it.

In my case it depends on the character, on the lag if any, and on the skill of the player. Sadly I don’t have much if any respect for Ryu/Rog/Gief users unless they really earn it. Sagat well I roll my eyes because its Sagat and well he can win simply because of his dmg output and his health and nothing else, where anyone else would have lost because of making so many mistakes I am not saying he’s impossible.

I most enjoy close fights, I have a very good Rose player rare I know on my friends list on the xbox and the matches are almost always epic, almost always down to that last little sliver of health that means who is gonna chip win it first. Very satisfying and fun as hell, even if I lose.

when i get outplayed, period. unless it’s blanka, then i’m never satisfied.

Alright, I am curious, what is with the Blanka hate… He is low, maybe pop up to mid tier from online play (due to low execution requirements). He has no solid way to combo to ultra, his balls are unsafe (okay I can’t help but giggle at that myself, sorry), His only solid anti-air is ex-up ball (normal up-ball is okay, but plenty of things beat/trade)… Well I could go on all day… So why the ire? Mash grab whe close (almost no good link combos means most blankas go for the grab for wakeup shinanigans) and if you get a life lead turtle it out as blanka as no good way to get in on someone not hurling fireballs mindlessly.

To answer the question, I am happy with anyone who outplays me or even better is when its a near even match. I get perturbed when I honestly feel online play has robbed me of a certain link (because there are some links that just refuse to come out when I play online.) or when I lose to a runaway because I got impatient and wanted to just kill them quick (It is a legitimate strategy, doesn’t stop it from being annoying.)

Tiers have nothing to do with it. It’s just the counter-turtley annoying crap that Online Blanka players come out with.

I think for most part that’s all there is to it.