When can Gill be placed in OTG?

I know that’s technically the wrong term but I didn’t know another one for it. It’s common knowledge that Gill used to act as though he was standing if hit close enough to the ground while in certain states in the air.

I thought this was absent in this game until I saw some Ibuki video where she command grabbed him out of the air after hitting him. I’m positive it was for this game. Is she the only one who can do this now? Because if you put him in that state and try to grab him with a demon it will not work.

Special throws (including Ibuki’s taunt) can grab certain characters out of the air a frame before they hit the ground. As far as I know, the only characters that this works on are Urien, Hugo, Q, and Gill.

Watch KYSG’s Necro video, and you can see him do this with Slam Dance several times.


The Ibuki taunt infinite, though, only works on Gill. He’s the only one with both the bizarre air-grab property and exactly the right proportions to get it to connect.