When can we expect the evo location be announced?

when can we expect the evo location to be announced?

if more time is needed to secure discounts and stuff for hotels that’s cool but i’m one of those who like to arrange stuff early so hopefully announcements will be soon?

Must be difficult to see, being further down the first page of this section and all.

How about that official site, eh?

He’s not talking about City, he’s talking about what hotel or what have you its going to be in. :rolleyes:

Now that the mvc2 problem has been delt with (tanx yu jchen), seems like the new pending question is where evo will be held, and if there will be any kind of hotel disscounts. If you are reading this thread, make a post and get this thread as large as possible to get attention.

Well I don’t think its an issue of them not telling us, its more of an issue of them working it out as we speak. I don’t think they would forget to say something like that, but I could be wrong.

damn i hope this comes out soon so i can grab my plane tickets soon

I buying the tickets early that way the price won’t get crazy at the last min. Good thing I work for Marriott hotels though.

Good point.

Honestly, I wonder too what Hotel/Casino Evo might be held at?

Maybe it will be held some where else, off the strip?

Cashman field / Cashman Center is not a bad idea at all for a location. They hold anime conventions from time to time. It’s spacious as well. Only drawback Is that you would need transportation there from the strip. SO better have a car, or take the taxi, or bus.

Sorry for suggesting this local kinda late.

They held an Anime con there ONCE. And hopefully twice this halloween. ( http://www.animevegas.com ! plug.) Unless there was some previous event.

Also, if they’re going to announce “OMG VEGAS VEGAS VEGAS” on X date, they better already HAVE a venue. If they don’t, then I’ve just lost a whole lot of respect for the organizers of this event. That’s just irresponsible. Especially for an event as big as this one is. I hope they’re just keeping us on the edge of our seats in a fit of showmanship and not being irresponsible. I have time off I need to arrange. if I take that time off, and it turns out thier plans fall through, then I’m screwed. I can’t untake those days off, AFAIK. I’d rather be spending that time at work accuring more time off than spending it while off.

I say if the venue falls through, we break into the condemned building that was Mary K’s.

I went to that convention and someone told me it was going to be on an annual basis? guess they don’t have a clue to what they’re talking about? Thanks for the information


I meant that there’ll be one this year too, and the year afterwards. I’m on staff. I ran the AMV thingy that sunday.

It’s going to be at the wynn hotel(The new one on the strip right)

Wizard, this correct?

Anyone want to clarify this? Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

I highly doubt it’ll be at the Wynn. That place just opened up booking a convention there will be extremely pricey.

Wynn is like 350 per room…

They arent going to be giving that big of discounts, so I hope its not at the wynn.

I heard this place is 21 plus…so It can not be there. I heard this crap somewhere tho…Just don’t remember where???

If they haven’t already gotten a venue, why not the obvious; The Las Vegas Convention Center? MLG Orlando was in the Orlando Convention Center, and that worked pretty well.

it’s expensive as FOCK.