When did Abel become so popular?!?!

The other day I faced so many abels online it was ridiculous. I liked using abel because he wasn’t used that much maybe I just had bad luck running into so many but I guess I missed a memo or something.

Abel is all over the net now. Me being one of them…

Abel is really fun to play and very solid outside of some bad matchups. It just took time for people to realize that. When the game first came out Abel was sooooo rare.

Yeah, I am also an Abel player. I dunno, other than the Shoto characters. Abel seems to be the most fun because of all the mixups and resets that he has. Just able to keep changing it up and always keep your opponent guessing which is the best part about fighting games. Getting into peoples heads :smiley:

doesn’t matter how many Abels I run into online, they are all shit. playing good Abels I hate the mirror match… playing randoms in champ mode I get excited for my free win

Haha, yeah. The Abels online all suck, bar the few on here that rarely play online, i.e busta or strider. I’v stopped looking at G1 Abel replays now, as i know how garbage they’re gonna be. Hopefully in SSF4 with the new character leaderboards we might see some good stuff.

ive not seen any abels online at all really, then again i am still lagging in g3 :frowning: but yea all of the abel replays ive seen have been completely horrible, even some of the ones from G1 abels, basic stuff like not punishing blanka balls with ultra and stuff like that completely boring mostly.

I totally agree! You never learn anything from watching any of those replays. Even the top ranked Abel, Mika kl la, or something, he’s pretty average at best. I’m at around 22,000, and to be honest, how these guys accumulated so much points is beyond me. If only there was a japan-only leaderboard XD

im ashamed to say im an SG Abel, but i definitely punish blanka balls w/ step kick or ultra as best i can online
im an online warrior basically

After Wong played Abel, Thats when he became popular to answer the question.

Also , there are other factors to why he became popular.

-Mainly people getting hit by TT’s all day and being afraid of it.
-People thought/thinking roll in unbeatable
(some of the nflux players still do)

  • Along with wong demonstrating alot of dangerous things abel can do that
    early abel players also knew that other people did not. So when non-abel players saw that stuff guess who they went to?

Their weren’t many abel players around the abel forum from the beginning.

But when wong started playing abel the influx of abel players increased by tenfold as did with rufus players.

Its great to see new people join the abel community, but in terms of Abels breaking through, its a bit scarce. I think Rico was the last Abel to get noticed, then theres Combofiend, but isnt he really experienced in fighting games? Its a shame at EVO justins Abel didnt stand up that well, i was really hoping we finally saw something special from the Frenchy at a big tournament.

Because there are so many abels players now. No abel gets noticed… because people see the same shit all the time. No matter what anyone says abel players do the same things. They just throw it around in different ways but all in all its the same strategies/mixup and etc. I mean not like other characters don’t do the same shit. it’s just abel is just rinse and repeat. Where as characters like seth can throw around their weight a little bit… ya know?

But I digress , combofiend was probabaly the first abel player next to busta.

I started messing around with Abel after seeing Rico play him.

None of these abel players are good enough to get noticed. The crap players may do the same things but when there’s actually a few, and i mean the five or so good players in America that can actually use him properly, then you have something good there. Ah well, i always thought he was one of the more unique characters…XD

How would we know who the first Abel was? Especially since the 2 biggest arcade scenes are so far away from each other. I dont know what arcade got their SF4 machines first but still. P.S. it doesnt matter

You can’t really gauge someone skill or levell based on 1-2 replay you have seen.You have no idea if the match was laggy or not.Ive seen top player playing shitty in many set.Being perfected and all…
i have seen some replay of some player … being horrible.Missing every damn combo and link … Yet i have one of my g2 replay of me playing Honda … i was doing so bad … It’s was facepalming all over the place.

I played some chun -li and was doing so bad … it’s was horrible . It’s like i was a complete newbies … Jumping in for no reason … etc … The first Abel in Xbox (don’t have sf on console) i don’t know about him but maybe he’s better than you think.

Yes you can. If someone is doing change of directions from stupid positions and jumping in with mk and trying to sweep, or doing five freakin’ cross ups in a row, then laggy or not, that player is shit.

or they are fucking around online? shrug

or they are fucking around online? shrug

Since it online was brought up, I think it’s funny cause the majority of the Abel players I face online go on SRK. And honestly speaking, we’re all on the same boat, but we’re talking about online performance so screw that.

My theory of why Abel is gaining popularity is because of Combofiend, especially after this weekend. Only just because he’s out there and all the other known Abel players haven’t been doing much/don’t have videos/stopped playing.

I remember Busta mentioning cancelling sweep into a throw was messing around. Playing like you suck is not messing around, haha. Especially when nearly every Abel player you see does the same shitty stuff. Nah, i wouldn’t call it fucking around online :confused: