When Did Fighting Games Stop Being Fun?


how many fighting games nowadays are fun from day one? Imagine youre a total newbie to fighting games (you have never played a single one - not even Power Stone-style games), and you decide to pick up every fighter on the shelf. How many would you (total newbie, remember) actually have fun with, right from the start?

Ive wondered about this before here, but seeing this interview today made me decide to start this thread.

The non fighting games are most fun, honestly. That’s why 2D has gone down the drain. You can’t have fun from the start.

Budokai series was fun when i first picked it up
Naruto was fun when i first learned it (I played fat boy and ate fucking chips)
Power Stone 1 and 2

oh and Guilty Gear. Nothing fucking worked me like watching I-NO’s IK for the first time.

I disagree with the quote…Well, it’s true if your market is people who have never picked up a fighter before, then it’s true, but that’s not me and thus that type of game, which it seems to me would have to sacrifice depth in order to achieve its goal of being immediately fun, doesn’t appeal to me. Then again, maybe it is[/ possible to have a deep game that’s also easy to pick up, but it doesn’t seem particularly common if thats’s the case.

i think anything where your faced against an opponent as opposed to a computer is fun.

but my friends, who I would categorize as avergae gamers (and usually ask me why i like those outdated 2d games and call me backwards and shit) will get down with tekken, soul calibur and DOA, MK shit. also when i showed them Guilty Gear (it was X on DC) they were impresed and we played for a while. Also The DC port of MvC with the crossover 4-player option was a blast even with people who didnt know the shit that well. (granted this was back in the days of DC)

so i guess the average gamer just likes flashy shit (or gore/bouncy titties), but yall already knew that.

i dont know

There’s a place for both types of games really.
Personally, I don’t really bother with shallow fighting games anymore.
It’s not fun for me if there isn’t a lot of depth to the engine.
It’s like playing chess when you’re only allowed to use the pawns to move. Might be fun for the guy starting out, but it’s lame to someone who wants to be able to outthink their opponent.

Although, I’m sure other people would much prefer something easy to pick up where skill isn’t as much of a factor. Like Powerstone 2, or DBZ: Budokai.

But seriously, what do you mean by not fun right away? All the fighting games to come out in the past couple years have been pretty fun from the start if you ask me.

Is Street Fighter 3 not fun?
Is Tekken 5 not fun?
Is Soul Calibur 3 not fun?
Is Marvel VS Capcom 2 not fun?

The only fighting game I can think of that’s really not very accessible is Virtual Fighter 4.

I seriously don’t know what fighting games you’re talking about here, and if you really have to ask the question of why fighting games are mostly geared towards people who already know how to play. Seriously take a look at how many North American gamers actually give a damn about 2D fighting games. There is no audience for them in the mainstream anymore, just like the 2D platformer. So companies are going to cater to the people who’re actually going to buy their games, and that’s the established ‘hardcore’ audience.

People complain that fighting games aren’t accessible because you play for the first time and get your ass kicked by someone who’s been playing them for 10 years. Well, no shit, they’ve been playing it 10 years, of course they know it better than you.

It’s the exact same situtation when it comes to FPS and RTS games, but I don’t hear anyone bitching about those genres.

I cannot imagine that scenario seeing as I played Street Fighter 2 12 years ago, Tekken 2 9 years ago and Soul Blade 7 years ago.

So I can play Third Strike, Tekken 5 and Soul Calibur 2 fine.


If I had no idea about the mechanics or any of that beforehand, theyd probably be stiff unresponsive pieces of crap until I got my arse kicked by the CPU and didn’t pick up the game again.:xeye: I don’t think these games are at all fun ‘right off the bat.’

This is perfectly clear that anyone who just picks this up and plays with me hasn’t got a prayer of winning- they’d have to know the game before hand. In the MK2 days I could get a cousin or whatever to play, jump around and block, and feel their way into the game. Where as you just can’t do that with Tekken for example. There’s no point just playing it at home because it’s too intricate for anyone here to just pick-up-and-play.

Street Fighter 2 was IMMEDIATELY fun when you first pick it up. I enjoyed it from the second I played it over a decade ago and still play it to this day. However SF2 is also a very deep fighter.

When people started to pick the same characer/s all the time because they are TOO POWERFUL.

When I found out that the only good characters in MVC2 where Storm, Magneto, and Sentinal.

when capcom havn’t release anything new in years.

Fighting games stop being fun when your crew/competition moves away.


it all depends on you

the only reason i became a big fighting game fan (since i was 9) was because of compitition, when crowds gather, people cheer, and knowing ANYONE that turns up could have a tactic that can give you problems

i think people have forgotten that and think fighting games is just like any other genre, i think peer pressure has beat people down from playing them making them not improve or even get worse so when they pic up a pad and get slaughtered or just generally play with absolute shit skill they feel “whats the point?” then born were the shallow arse games and everyone started buying them because using their brain is too taxing on them

heres your answer: 1995.

Right now, I’m teaching this intermediate Smash Brothers player (who’s never even touched any other fighting game) MBRFT and EFZ. He’s teaching me some smash brothers, and I’ve never even bothered with it before. It’s pretty fun. All it takes for fighting games to be fun is class imo, the thing that ruins fighters are jerks who are full of themselves. That, and the fact that I don’t play for like 7 hours a day any more makes it much better. 30 min of short sessions > headaches and dry eye pains

I think fighting games stopped being fun when APEX was established. Now everybody takes them butt seriously.

Well 2d fighters are still fun for me.

I have notice that a lot of you guys have never touched an arcade before or else prefer to play at home. For me playing fighting games at home is boring,why, first the controls(I can’t be skill with a pad)and second the challengers. Playing a fighting game alone at home gets old very fast,it’s boring. Arcades is the way to go and it always has been. I have never got bored playing fighting games in the arcades,not even once, as long as there are challengers you will never get bored.

It hasnt and it never will.

People take all games to seriously. I play SOCOM 2 and I hear these made up rules saying I can’t use this or that.

they stopped being fun when arcades started to die… and less people started going

To me it started to be boring when no one played it. I think that was around ST time.