When do I jump in?

When do I jump in on my opponent? I used to jump in all the time thinking it was my fastest way of getting close to my opponent. I’ve dropped the habit but now find myself too worried to jump in fear of giving up most of my defense.

The only times I find myself jumping in are for punishes when I feel safe in obvious situations like punish and/or dizzy situations. When else should I be jumping in? I try to jump in on wake up but usually always eat an anti-air/ex-move or opponent jumps/dashes back. It’s gotten to the point that I’ll just bait out dumb shit on wake up or do some safe sort of poke 'cause I know I’ll get reversaled or whatever.

Pretty stupid but I don’t know when to jump in. Help?

Jump in on characters on wakeup if they don’t have a DP like Ken, Ryu, and Akuma. Sagat is safer to jump in on wakeup since he has a slow ass uppercut. Also jump in only when you conditioned your opponent that you will NEVER jump in. The best way to do this is to play solid footsies and never jump.

usually i only jump if i can get a cross up or using a safe jump.
if a fb char throws a fireball and youre real close you can jump it and punish em

typically you want to keep jumping at a minimum

Situations will present themselves once you get a feel for the game. Examples:

If your character has a low/fast jump, on whiffed roundhouse (Requires you to jump as soon as you see it’ll whiff)

Whiffed unsafe move from a distance, though no good played will do this

On reaction from seeing a fireball animation, be careful not to be baited though

Looking to cross up

etc. etc.

Listen to me. Disregard everyone else in this thread.

I say if it feels good, then just do it.

I have never lost a single match in this game.

Somewhat character dependent (if you play Dhalsim, or Chun then the answer is “never”).

Jumping in is also part of footsies (ground-to-air footsies).

You can try to feel them out at footsie range by throwing out a few ranged pokes and check how they react. If they’re the kind of player who tries to go for counter-pokes then you can whiff a poke for the sole intention of scoring jumping in. It works well if you have a char that has a quick jump in attack with a good hitbox (eg. Dudley, Cody, Boxer). You can’t abuse this though. You have to complement it with a solid ground game, otherwise you’ll just end up getting baited. Also note that some chars recover quickly enough after the counter-poke to anti-air you (eg. Ryu usually has enough to time to DP a jump in if his cr.mk whiffs)

At close range, if you have a char that gets good frame advantage off blocked pokes you can mix up your tick throw/frame trap game with jump-ins and ambiguous cross-ups.

When the opponent is down and has neither a DP move or any EX bars. Neutral jump can be useful for baiting people to come closer. Also learn the jump arc/speed and work in a safe jump or two per fight.

Also, if you put your opponent to sleep with block strings and a solid ground/footsie game, sometimes a jump can surprise them and you don’t get srk’d.

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