When do you fight on joysticks?


As the tournament progresses, will people be battling on an actual arcade machine? I really don’t like controllers and was wondering about peripherals. Can you bring your own stick?


EVO is a console tourney. Bring your own stick.




You have to bring your own stick. The only year EVO used arcade machines was its first year back in 2002. It has since been a console only bring your own stick/controller tournament.


… feb 2009


Nice. I’ll make sure to bring a really nice stick. Thanks for the info!


Since this will be your first time to EVO, I suggest you hang onto your stick like it’s money. People will not hesitate to “borrow” and stick and never return it. Just a warning to you. If you do let someone borrow your stick, do not take your eyes off it. EVER!


i wouldnt even lend a stick to somebody i didnt personally know. even then i would have to make sure it wasnt going to be a conflict with my games. just dont lend people sticks. period. also keep that shit in a backpack or something whenever your not using it.