When do you know that you've learned fundamentals and you can move on from ryu?


I know everyone says to start out with ryu to learn how the game works. But how do you know when is it ok to move on? What are the tell tell signs?


When you are more comfortable trying out the other characters…


I never understood this stupid notion that noobs need to start with ryu. If you want to learn the game and there is a character you like then it is better to do it from the very beginning.
What ryu needs to do to win is different from what other characters need to do. Learning him doesn’t help you to learn c viper for example. His tools are simply different.

I say that if you want to learn x or y character just do it. Don’t handicap yourself by learning a character that you don’t have interest on learning and in the worst case can give you bad habits for the character that you are into.




pick your new character now.


Some characters are just better for people just picking up the game. Characters like El Fuerte, C.Viper, Guy, Makoto etc differ too much from the general cast or are too difficult to pick up as a beginner, you’ll fight the system mechanics first before you fight your opponent. The vast majority of the cast is fine to play as a first character though, Ryu just has a straighforward gameplan and obvious answers to alot of situations and thus makes a good first character but he is not alone in that…at all.

Having said that you want to have grasped the simple and common concepts of ant-airing, hitconfirms, blockstrings, tickthrows, punishing, baiting reversals, using pokes to control space with the character you’re using. You don’t need to be able to do these things proficiently, you just need to be aware of them and have incorporated them to some small extent atleast into your gameplay to be comfortable playing the game, not the character. Doesn’t matter which character you’ll choose after that.