When do you play your best?


So, after what activity do you play your best at 3s?
Aside from being stoned that unlocks the future for me and makes me have yoda like mindgames, I discovered that I have godlike reactions when on a hangover.
And when do you achieve your ssj4 guys?


I believe I am the absolute best drunk player in the world. Not even joking about that.

Anyway, I think I play the best in arcade when there is a huge line, and I don’t want to get up and wait. Or tournament.


during casuals before a tournament

im all like [media=youtube]6Q01OpzYgBc[/media]


I ironically play very poorly when I’m drunk or stoned. I get way too sidetracked and sloppy when not sober.

Usually it takes a couple games to get warmed up but once I do, I’ll play well enough.




The last game before someone says alright last game of the night always turns out to be some sick ass match.


If I’m not high, I get a little jittery during serious matches.




Whenever I’m really hyper off of fruit punch or orange juice or something. The effect sort of wears off after a while until something really dumb happens.
Then I’m like
Something bs happens.
Me:… sits up, cracks knuckles then back, then moves hair beind ears
Me: Ok, shit is about to get serious.



I am da bess, so whenever I am playing


I’m one of those that needs a good night’s rest or some sort of adrenailne or caffeine rush to play at my best. I have to find myself in a relaxed state (calm and clear mind) in order to play my absolute best.


After I’ve been doing kata or exercising in some way and my blood is still kinda pumping I can focus. Right after a bit of meditation I can think clearly which really helps my game till I get all tense again. Caffeine or some other stimulant brings my reactions to where I want them. When I’m well rested my execution is good.

Edit: a good player recently told me I play better when i’m high/drunk. So occasionally I get a perfect combination. Been out at the bar, stop in the park on the way home for some kata practice then get home, drink a coke and smoke some weed. Find no-controller-mind lol. I am one with the action on screen.


I play my best when I’m angry but not frustrated. I also play much better vs better opponents. For some reason I still manage to lose to rubes while playing with my food.


I play my best after a good day’s sleep after nightfall. If I wake up around 3pm and play around 9 I’m at my best. Mainly I just need to relax and since my eyes are sensitive to light it’s usually nighttime.



wake up at 3pm!


he’s also a vampire apparently or some kind of humanoid bat.


I will also say that I play 1000% better at night. Daytime 3rd Strike is weird!


This x 100000000


Probably when I’m losing badly.


I am Man-Bat! I am nocturnal though. After week after next I have to wake up before noon for class though :frowning: