When do you think SF4 Dash is going to come out?

I was just wondering about everyone’s thoughts and opinions. I’m actually hoping sooner than later. Better net code and slight character tweaks can only be for the better imo.

I mean, looking at SF3, it was what? Less than a years jump from NG to SI?

No one knows.

If it is announced in mid-August 2009, I figure it would be out in the USA by June 2010.

Dont know, but the name is terrible

i like the name

I’m more interested in SFIV: Focus which should be coming out after SFIV: Dash.

Does anyone know when Focus is coming out? I mean, since we’re all about asking really stupid fucking questions no one knows the answer to…

where was SF4 dash announced?

it wasnt, but it is implied.

My guess is Feb 2010.

No where, just hinted at/rumored.

SF2:CE is SF2:Dash in japan. Most likely, whenever an updated SF4 hits here, it’ll be something like SF4:CE or whatever.

Around or after evo next year.

Its coming out this future.

Fucking epic answer hahahahaha


Super Street fighter 4: Fourth Strike Alpha Turbo Hyper Edition

I don’t think they should release it.
This isn’t the 90’s, everyone has a broadband connection now. Any tweaks or additions should be in the form of DLC. My opinion is they shouldn’t add any new characters, and if they do, only add T.Hawk and DeeJay because the game kinda feels empty without them, or at least it did when it came out. All they need to do to the game is add multiplayer lobbys and work on the netcode, and maybe give each character his/her own stage/music. I don’t even think it needs any balancing, while there are overpowered and underpowered characters this is probably the most balanced SF yet. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the game, so it doesn’t really need an update.

I don’t know, but Guile top tier plzkthxbai.

Forget DeeGAY and T.COCK…whats missing is…


(and make Claw better)

SFIV: Focus
SFIV: Attack
SFIV: Dash
SFIV: Cancel

Would be an epic series.

Arcade: Nov. 2009.
Console: No one knows.

He doesn’t have to be top, so long as he’s better than he is now. At least a solid mid or high mid, like Rufus or Chun-Li. The very mechanics of the game seem to work so heavily against him.