When do you think we will see the next big thing in fighting games?

I mean street fighter, mk, Sam sho, were big in their day and then by the mid 90’s
virtua fighter and tekken came along and evolved the genre and we soon began to see many clones and varaitions of these in doa, br, tobal and even soulblade, my question when do you think we will see the next big fighting game that changes the way we play fighting games and becomes as popular as sf, tekken and VF?

Its really hard to say. I heard rumors of a preview of a SF4 at some kind of tokyo game show or whatever it was called on a gamespot article. But I honestly think alot of developers aren’t really concerned about fighting games, or its fans. Or even capcom, and thats not too surprising judging by the games capcom has been releasing recently. And considering all the new next-gen systems that are coming out, its really hard to say what will happen with fighting games. Samurai Shodown 5 looks very promising, but it doesnt seem like a groundbreaking game. I think we’ll just have to wait and see how things play out. These days developers are more interested in making games based on 50 Cent, King Kong, and Rehashed WWII games. :rolleyes:

I’d like to see bigger levels with the possibility of moving to higher and lower ground. I want to do a powerbomb from off a cliff, or dragon punch someone onto a roof.

I agree 100%

DOA could be the next big thing… if:

a. The gameplay was improved enough to attract the “hardcore” crowd.
b. XBox 360 proves popular enough from the get-go (Live could help a lot - regardless about how the stupid “but it has lag” whiners feel about it).

Because frankly, the 2D games are barely getting the attention of the “serious” fighting game fans (most people here are already sick of the rehash and lazyness, after all).

Hell, even the stablished 3D series like Tekken, VF and SC are doing a bad job of pleasing both crowds and attracting new players.

Unless we get something that looks really great (better than the shitty PS2-level graphics of Tekken and SC), is easy to pick-up (which VF, Tekken and most 2D fighters simply are not) and had depth, then fighting games will only become less and less popular. A licensed fighter with all those characteristics would probably be the way to go, for obvious reasons.




Its really hard to say whether you are slow, or you just don’t post much here. :clap:

How is this “whining” when fighters, out of all the other genres is the MOST frame dependent out of all of them?

Because if you take a popular, high selling game with casual fans who don’t really care about the lag in frame rates, game companies won’t mind putting out more fighters if they’re gonna sell. Casual folks can play without worrying about the nuances of the effect lagging has, and tourney players can just enjoy the game and not play online.

As long as we’re not talknig about GGXX online lag though. Bleah.

That Naruto fighting game on the GC wasn’t bad. 2d/3d meld. Easy enough to get into (1 button supers), but still technical enough for my tastes.

You got it all wrong. Tekken is VERY accessible. Even though the expert will always beat the scrub, a scrub can do more in Tekken in less time than say, 3s. Lots of people here don’t like accessible games.

Yeah, fighting games are getting shafted, and mainly because most people believe that their 5 year old games are better than what’s new out now. Eventually, those people will kill fighting games. Dead or Alive is our last hope unless Namco really does something impressive (2D fighters are selling less and less, and yes, it sucks when DOA is all we got left).

The next generation of gamers can not play fighters if you havent noticed. How many 16-18 year old do we see at tournaments?

That is so true. If everyone keeps playing old fighting games then no one will bother to make a new game. I’m not saying drop Marvel or 3s for T5, but giving it chance would help.

GG is the next big thing but nobody plays it because it is anime shit. It’s done mostly everything in the past that was good, better. Hokotu No Ken is by the same people but it has a motorcycle in it so it’s probably going to be 10 times better and change the face of fighting games even more than The Rumble Fish did!

when they have… ‘FINISH HER!!!’… bam! ‘SEXTALITY’… ‘FLAWLESS VICTORY’ lolz that’s when the next big thing will come off of!!! :encore:

If you dont believe me read this http://www.gamespot.com/news/6132139.html?q=capcom

Atleast we have something to hope for. :rolleyes:

Low-latency online fighting would be nice, assuming that future versions of the internet can be constructed to minimize the insane router hopping that makes so many of these games unplayable even on broadband.

I’m not going to crush your hopes and dreams. Maybe Saotome Kaneda will come in here and do it for you.


LOL you really must not follow game show news very much, let alone capcom news.

I dont have any hopes and dreams about capcom and a new fighting game. All im doing is saying what I’ve heard. I pretty much think its bullshit anyways which it probably is judging by your response, but it wouldnt surprise me. Capcom is in the gutter and seems like they are going to stay there for a longtime.

Bushido Blade 3
Ehrgeiz 2 (not that bull that was the Bouncer):wonder: