When exactly do you rc your sb's?

Ive been practing with guile for a while now and im at the point where i can rc boom pretty much everytime. Now i need to learn how to maxamize its usefulness.

Besides anti air ( which i usually dont do anyways because i feel guile has better options)
when should i be rcing the sb? Doesnt make a whole bunch of sense to rc it from full screen while playing the normal guile keep out games. Besides knowing when to rc it, id like to know WHY to rc it. What makes it so useful in that particular situation. I guess im asking for you to give specific reasoning and not just “rc boom owns man”. Do you rc it at certain distances? Do you rc it EVERYTIME you throw a sb? Do you only rc it when you think the opponant is going to stick a poke out? Specifics, please…

I play guile agressively defensive. Throwing sb’s from safe distances, varying the speeds, and following up with different things and sometimes following with nothing at all to counter whatever my opponant sticks out. So how can rc boom really improve my game?

Do you know how retarded it is that its been 2 months and no one has even bothered to take 2 seconds to answer this?

It’s only useful as an anti-air.

how safe is it for AA? can it be air blocked? how bout recovery for JD and parry (in air)?

i would say its also useful if you are a little inside the range of their longest / most used poke. it can also be used to avoide meaty projectiles. I only play guile a very little though and am hesitant to sound like i know anything.

I think it’s really important when fighting Yamazaki. You wanna discourage him from using that top-tier S.RH kick or jumping in with that pesky mk. The sucky part is if you mess up your RC, Yamazaki gains momentum and you are put on tilt.

Late RC booms against RC Sakura might help you out, too. React to any of her RC’s with an RC of your own. If she does RC fireball, however, you need to do something else. Fortunately, RC fireball should be easy enough for you to handle; adjusting your play is the most important part.