When exactly do you rc your sb's?

I posted this a week ago in the guile forums, but still no response. apperantly the character specific forums are dead. Forgive me for posting it again but id like some feedback::

Ive been practing with guile for a while now and im at the point where i can rc boom pretty much everytime. Now i need to learn how to maxamize its usefulness.

Besides anti air ( which i usually dont do anyways because i feel guile has better options)
when should i be rcing the sb? Doesnt make a whole bunch of sense to rc it from full screen while playing the normal guile keep out games. Besides knowing when to rc it, id like to know WHY to rc it. What makes it so useful in that particular situation. I guess im asking for you to give specific reasoning and not just “rc boom owns man”. Do you rc it at certain distances? Do you rc it EVERYTIME you throw a sb? Do you only rc it when you think the opponant is going to stick a poke out? Specifics, please…

I play guile agressively defensive. Throwing sb’s from safe distances, varying the speeds, and following up with different things and sometimes following with nothing at all to counter whatever my opponant sticks out. So how can rc boom really improve my game?

it’s like a safe dp i guess. use it to interrupt gc attempts and when you are in close since against most characters it’s pretty free. if they jump aa, if they block follow up with one of guile’s many long ranged pokes to keep them out. just don’t get crazy vs characters with fast jumps or rolls or you’ll eat a lot of damage for no reason.

Are you meaning close like inside c.mk range? Thunderlips mainly rc’s his sb’s when there just outside c. mk range. More times than not, they dont expect it so close and they block. Allowing you to go into a blockstring.

wake up rc sb is a great way to swing the momentum for you. When they don’t expect it, wake up rc sb forces them to block it, and since you’re at an advantage after blocked sb, you can start doing poke strings to push them out…

ie, wake up sb, cr.lp x2, st.mp xx sb or whatever block string you usually use.

rc sb is a pretty good anti-poking move too. it’s good in general since it’s safe 90% of the time.

Acually if i remember correctly your even on frames after a blocked sb. Doesnt make your point any less valid, just clearing up any misinformation.

Frame advantage depends on how long it travels.

i think thunderlips means that you are even at point blank if it is blocked, and i think he is right.

i don’t necessarily agree with what laugh says 100%. wake up boom does work in certain situations, like vs a blanka trying to chip you with rc elec or something and you can’t do anything else. but generally speaking, wake up rc boom is not worth the risk.

Not even worth it vs. Blanka.

Blanka elec. does roughly 1240 damage iirc.
Sonic Boom does like 500 - 600.

Never worth it.

I agree with laugh 1bijillion percent. Arrggggg thats alot of percents.

Ok , since we’ve established that wake up sb isnt exactly a gamebreaker. Anyone have any opinions on when we Should rc them?

you RC them inside the other characters footsie distance…duh, when the hell else would you?

It doesnt sound like rc sb is very important at all. Where would you say it is in his overall game?

Oh no, don’t misunderstand…RC sonic boom is so annoyingly important…

So many Guile whores now…

When a guy has a move that is safe after his opponent JD’s it right next to him…that is the gay sauce. Natural fast recovery, and invicible startup…uber gay sauce.

imagine kens funky kick with more applications and harder to do

RC boom after blocked cr. hp…everyones gonna fall for it even after i post this…

Oooh that’s a good one. So the only way to avoid the block damage is to roll with iori/kim/athena in heavy anticipation, or pre-emptively walking towards Guile in hopes of throwing him while he’s trying to RC the SB? That’s all I could think of, and those solutions require knowledge beforehand that your opponent was going specifically for this setup…i like, i like

Sak-lk RC hurricane
Blanka-RC hop or any ball
todo-RC wave…DUH
Iori-RC recca,or roll
honda-TRade with headbut or handslap

thats what helps with my team

it worked for daigo against amir on the evo 2k3 DVD. amir did a RC psycho crusher, and daigo’s RC boom won b/c he did it after amir.

is that where you saw it at? just wondering.

wepeel: that shouldnt happen cuz its not something u wanna use every match…some days i wont use it at all. If your opponent is conditioned to look for the rc boom after the HP, u can always pause after the cr. HP and wait for something…its 100% safe if blocked.

I wish i could say i made that up and take credit for it popo, but yes i did bite that off the daigo vs amir match. It just amazes me how its still effective almost 2 yrs later.

lol, it’s all good. most setups that have you perform a normal that LOOKS punishable into an RC are good ones.