When I bathe , I use


As the thread says, I use a loofah.



body wash, lathered on my chest hair son


wanting to know what men bathe with?




I thought this was going to be a thread about Shaq high off bath salts or something? :lol:


Loofah 100%


…soap, water… /shrug


Is this the Loofah 2.0 Rise of the Sinistrals thread?


i usually just stand in the shower for 5mins and then get out. i’m way to smart to put those cancer causing shampoos on my skin/hair


I was looking for the word dicks.

To no avail.

This. And this.

Are perfect in sequence.


what’s a loofah


Soap? Is there some other thing I should be using? Shampoo I guess.


I use bath salt!


I used to be all about the washcloth, but damn, those loofahs make a fuckton of lather with very little soap needed.


I forgot to mention I like lighting candles for the ambiance.

No, I’m kidding, that’s what Boel does.

On the real I take shaths.

Shower with the bath switch on, and I ferment in my mansoup.

Bitches love mansoup.


I gotta admit, hygiene has been an issue for me. But since I no longer work at home, and back to working in an office, I really have to say wash clothe works well. But soap to the skin is efficient, you just use up your soap quicker. But it’s good for eliminating odor quickly.


I like using real sponges.

I think I just like the idea of using the corpse of a once living thing to keep myself clean.


hey man if i can’t bathe to candlelight what is the freakin point


lynx body scrubber, I wanted to try one of those fish pedicures but I’ve heard they can spread some nasty shit.

BJ at the cinema is on the bucket list


I just read the thread about you:


a loofah with old spice swagger