When I dash forward on the P2 side of the screen I backdash? WTF?


Its making it incredibly had to FADC U2 with Guile on that side of the screen.

What I think is happening is that on the second forward I for forward forward (dash) I am bringing the stick all the way to the other side of the gate to get the strength/momentum/force to hit the second forward for the dash and its registering that as back, thus making me backdash. I have tried doing mini-forwards but its harder since on P2 I’m having to “pull” the stick forward on that side rather than “push” the stick to forward as I do on the P1 side of the screen - which is much easier for me to do.

Any tips?




seems you’ve solved your own problem sir. Dont worry its only hard for now, you will get used to it.


On P1, you push with your palm to input forward, right?

Try pushing with your thumb on P2. Don’t move your wrist or arm, just “twitch twitch”. Double tap, like squeezing a trigger twice.

See how the thumb pushes forward here? Just do that twice.

(The technique here is for wavedashing/EWGF, but it also makes for a lightning fast 2P Shoryuken. Though I guess that doesn’t help Guile…)




No you don’t.


That’s what she said.