When I go for a haircut, I

So when you go for a haircut, do you try to do it quickly and get the fuck out, or do you go and talk to the stylist/barber, other patrons, make it a leisurely affair?

Also, does it matter if your stylist is male or female?

I try to get it done on a day off, and try to do it fast and gtfo.
If there is a female stylist, i prefer them but am cool weith a dude cutting it.

Get my cut 4 times a year at the barber shop…
Go on an off day…
I’d actually prefer a man to cut my hair…
Sit and talk about random stuff the whole time.

Get it done on my day off
I prefer a man, nothing against females, but Im there for a haircut not to grope tits.
Sit and talk about penis sizes.

I need a haircut once a month, it grows super fast. Barbers are old russian dudes they like me always joking about how I’m about to lose 10lbs. I just ask for the usual AKA short and spiked. We don’t talk much just the usual how are you and how’s work small talk.

Yeah that’s right no witty, snarky, assholish joke post fuck yall.

Me and my barber are chill people, and I have been going to the same shop for years. I’m only in and out when I’m in a hurry.

Real shit I get my hair cut for free.

Usually just a fresh cut or fade cut. About once or twice a month. Normally from a girl.

I hate getting a hair cut. I’m not comfortable with small talk, so I put off going for as long as I can. The only bad part about that is that by the time I go, my hair is a shaggy mess and I have to explain how I want it cut, which is a pain in itself because I’m not familiar with haircutting vernacular.

I go to a chain place now, and they treat me pretty good actually. They’ve got my haircut in the system, so they just confirm that that’s what I still want. Minimal chitchat too.

I haven’t had a haircut in over 8 years, but when I went I wouldn’t talk to anyone. I wasn’t there to make conversation; get in get out. I’d listen though. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a shop where there was a female barber.

I live in a ~90%+ Asian area, so almost all the barbers are Asian females, which is cool and all, but I have a bad history of asking for a trim and walking out with barely any hair left

More often than not I walk into the barber shop with a full head of hair and walk out lookin like Jean-Luc Picard. I’m usually too angry to talk after that. I buzz it myself unless I’m going somewhere special, then I take my chances.

I’ve never gotten a good haircut from a woman. They stay fucking up a simple fade.

I prefer a woman, because I like to pitch a tent under the apron.

when I go I usually get my head cut bald because I have a crop circle at the top of my dome and its usually by the smooth pimp, the dude who overcharges to much, or the fat guy who’s shoes look like they are about to burst

I haven’t seen the malcom x guy lately I wonder if he still works there.

I cut my hair every 3 weeks. Used to go a certain barber since I was 14 but then he retired so I just let my hair grow for awhile until I started going to a friend of my sister. She’s pretty cool so we do make small talk but once I’m done I’m out.

I tell them to just cut the grey ones, buy they never listen.

I’ve been going to the same stylist for so long, she used to give me an undercut. I used to go to Supercuts, but they fucked up my hair intermittently.

Anita’s been a trustworthy hairdresser for over a decade. Through the undercut, bitchflip, and tight Caesar days.

Been going to the same stylist since I was 12. I’ve gotten all sorts of cuts from her. Everyone likes my asymmetric cut so far.

I cut my own hair now but before that i goto the Korean women to cut my hair. I remember I had a dude cut my hair at the base guy kept rubbing his balls on my forearm.

I cut my own with a hair clipper now, less than 5 minutes to buzz it all off. I used to have hair down to my lower back, those days are long gone, don’t think I’ll ever go back. Way too much maintenance and hassle for that shit.

I’ve been letting my girlfriend cut my hair for the past year. She cuts it exactly how I like it and actually does a great job. After a couple of bad experiences at barber shops I decided to go this route. It saves me money and I have no complaints. Works for me.