When I hear FRKZ Musikz (lol version)

I feel like I could beat Magneto with Roll, double perfect, with my eyes closed, and chewing on the controller.

I could part the seas with a mighty SUPAH CRASH >:O

It’s my ringtone. It gives me the confidence to talk to girls. And make me feel cool.

If I hear it and I’m fighting against Bang, I like to ‘steal’ his theme and proceed to annihilate him to the beats of his own music. It’s especially satisfying when I K.O. him right as the song gets to the part where they keep shouting Bang, Bang, Bang…

When i hear it? I remember 1996 and listening to the japanese opening to Dragon Ball Z. Same guy.

Cha-La Head Cha-LA!!!


Yeah, he did the Sonic-X intro too. Go listen to THAT one more than once in a row…

I punch the guy nearest to me and say “IT’S MORPHIN’ TIME!”

Time to make a Green Ranger music video guys.

makes me think of katamari damacy…>_>

Well now it does for me too.

I turned the music off when I play because it reminds me too much of various things that I mess up constantly or just zone out listening to it.

I think on 20/12/2012 earth should have a global radio broadcast of FRKZ activation. If what they say is gonna happen, the lyrics fit.